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ABUS BORDO - Felxible, compact and light
The weekend is here and the cycling can finally start. During breaks, however, a safe bicycle lock should always be at hand, and a folding lock from ABUS' Bordo family is exactly the tool for the job. The ABUS BORDO folding locks can be securely attached when unfolded and then discretely carried in the small pocket attached to the frame when not in use. The BORDO has been a true classic for over ten years and is produced in a wide variety of variants with a constant stream of new innovations. Thanks to the different locking systems, colours and sizes, there is something for everyone.


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ABUS Bordo, putting Security at the Forefront

From the quick morning commute to the leisurely weekend bike tour, a good bike lock should form an essential part of your cycling kit. ABUS Bordo locks offer lightweight security that means you can relax and forget about your bike when you've arrived at your destination.

ASUS Bordo lite folding lock in red

Here at Bikester, we stock a wide range of ABUS Bordo locks for you to choose from. Their iconic ABUS Bordo folding lock is a firm favourite amongst cyclists nationwide. Furthermore, with key and combination options you'll find something that suits your individual requirements.

ABUS folding locks

If you want an innovative lock, then from the Bordo Granit xPlus to the Bordo Lite, there are plenty of models to choose from. Some consistent specifications of their folding locks include:

  • Thick struts made of hardened steel, connected by special rivets. These are flexible and very resistant to saw attacks.
  • The precision disc cylinders offer cyclists the highest possible protection against manipulation attempts.
  • Rods and housings made of lightweight materials and steel alloys
  • Elegantly constructed joints allow for easy and compact collapsibility.
  • Simple mounting with rubberised velcro straps or screws on the bottle holder.

ABUS combination locks and key locks come in a range of sizes and strengths. Visually their locks are brilliant too as you can choose from a range of colours to match or complement your bike.

Choose from the following options to see which lock will suit you best:

  • Locking option: Number combination, key, Bluetooth or symbol code.
  • Security level: 6-15
  • Colour
  • Weight: 0-1 kg, 1-2 kg or 2-3 kg
  • Carrier: With or without bracket

ABUS Bordo alarm lock

What could take a bike lock to the next level of security? An inbuilt alarm! The Bordo Alarm lock from ABUS boasts an impressive alarm system. The resulting sound, if triggered, is extremely loud and pervasive. It's incredibly effective in deterring thieves and alerting those around your bike that someone is attempting to steal it. Bike security has never been so thorough.

ABUS’s first folding alarm lock also offers exceptional mechanical security and the peace of mind that comes with that.

Accessories and more

It goes without saying how important a good bike lock is to your bike security and general experience as a cyclist. ABUS lock accessories, such as mounts and carry cases, make it easier to transport, and therefore never be without, your lock.

The ABUS Bordo carry cases make for an easy way to transport your lock. They're either mounted on anti-slip velcro straps or via screws on your bike's bottle holder. Thanks to the clever design they are anti-rattle, so you won't have to listen to your lock clunking against the holder as you ride. The last thing you want on a peaceful bike ride through the countryside is an annoying rattling on your bike!

ABUS has an extensive range of holders for its variety of bicycle locks. It's important to check whether your chosen ABUS lock will fit in the specific mount. More information can be found in each product description.

So, don't let your day be ruined by bike thieves. Pick up an incredible ABUS Bordo folding lock. Teaming convenience with security, they ensure you're always at the cutting edge of bike safety. Shop our full range, here at Bikester, today.