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ABUS Bicycle Locks

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ABUS Bike Locks to Protect Your Ride

ABUS Bike Locks

Your bike was a major personal investment – so it’s important to protect it against would-be bike thieves. ABUS has been making high-quality bike locks for more than 90 years and knows a thing or two about what it takes to stop bike thieves in their tracks. The company rigorously tests all of its locks for durability and security, so that you can be sure your bike will be right where you left it when attached to an ABUS lock. Better yet, ABUS provides bike lock solutions for every type of bike and ride. From pocket-sized cable locks to impenetrable U-locks to versatile and secure chain locks, ABUS has a lock to protect your bike.

Types of ABUS Bike Locks

ABUS has a huge variety of bike locks in different styles, each offering their own advantages for security and portability.

  • Combiflex Locks - ABUS Combiflex locks are pocket-sized combination locks that use a small cable to secure your bike. Thanks to their compact size and light weight, you can carry a Combiflex lock with you on virtually every ride. These locks are extremely handy for protecting your bike from someone simply walking off with it, but keep in mind that they won’t stop determined thieves.
  • Bordo Folding Locks - ABUS pioneered the folding bike lock with its Bordo series of locks. These locks are compact like a Combiflex lock, but offer significantly more protection against casual thieves with only a pair of wire clippers. Bordo locks cover a range of weights, allowing you to choose how much security you want versus how important portability is to you.
  • Cable Locks - Cable locks make it easy to secure your bike to a wide range of fixed objects and offer relatively good protection against thieves. ABUS cable locks are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, and each is rated for security on a 1-5 rating system. Many ABUS cable locks have built in combinations, although some offer key locks or need to be secured with an additional U-lock.
  • Steel-O-Flex Locks - ABUS’s specially designed Steel-O-Flex locks are essentially maximum-security cable locks. These locks are constructed from multiple overlapping layers of steel, which protect the internal cable from determined attempts by thieves to cut the lock. This extra protection comes at the cost of additional weight and expense, but the cables are flexible enough to wrap around any bike and fixed object.
  • Chain Locks - ABUS chain locks are extremely secure against thieves, as well as relatively inexpensive. The downside is that they lack the flexibility of cable locks and can be somewhat heavy to carry around. However, if you’ll be leaving your bike in one place for a while, there are few locks that discourage thieves more than a thick chain lock. ABUS chain locks are available with combination closures or key closures.
  • U-locks - U-locks are a bike security staple, and can be used extremely effectively in combination with a cable lock for increased versatility. ABUS’s decades of experience manufacturing U-locks has allowed the company to stay one step ahead of thieves by frequently introducing new, stronger materials into its locks.

ABUS Bike Locks at

The easiest way to get an impenetrable ABUS lock for your bike and ward off thieves is to shop our huge selection at We make it easy to filter ABUS locks by type and security level. Plus, we offer flexible shipping options and 100-day returns on all ABUS bike locks.

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