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Assos Mille GT

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Assos Mille GT

This is a Swiss brand that produces the greatest cycling apparel around the globe! Assos is a brand that is quite famous among racers and distance runners. Moreover, athletes vouch by the quality of the Assos Bibshorts, jerseys and the high-grade padding.

Toni Maier-Moussa set up the traditional firm in 1976 in the Swiss canton of Ticino. The brand came up with the purpose of offering the best quality, most comfy, and practical cycling gear to the most demanding road riders.

Moreover, the ASSOS collection is around the ASSOS Layering System "ALS," a technically a classy apparel system. All products, including cycle jackets, bib shorts, jerseys, undershirts, and accessories like arm and leg warmers and socks, have been meticulously crafted to fit together like jigsaw pieces. This means that riders have the ideal combination for excellent security and comfort at any time of year.

assos mille gt bib shorts

The famous bib shorts' next generation, with a smooth waistband, a redesigned cushion with increased ventilation, and snug fabrics. The next generation of dedicated riders' prefer the bib shorts. As these are famous for its frictionless waist, enhanced air-cooling insertion, and muscle-wrapping cloth. Furthermore, the Assos Mille GT Bib Short is an adaptable option for all of your rides. Also, it has a systematic upper that sits flat against the body under your jersey and has a sturdy, elastic, compression fabric.

assos mille gt jerseys

The brand offers long and short sleeve jerseys.

Shirt sleeve jersey

The MILLE GT short-sleeved jersey is an enhanced jersey for summer rides. As every ride needs outstanding equipment. The moisture-wicking jersey summertime scales up summer jerseys, taking warm-weather efficiency to a new level while on the bike owing to the use of lightweight, breathable Stripe fabric and its revised fit.

So, in the transitioning seasons of Spring and Fall, the ultimate partner for crisp mornings and chilly downhills.

Long sleeve jersey

MILLE GT is a long-sleeve jersey with top-most protection that is ideal for use in spring and fall seasons. This cycling jersey is fast drying and extremely breathable, relying on a blend of premium ASSOS textiles for insulation, along with an RX frontal area and sweat-wicking fabric at the rear.

Thus, the ASSOS collection's jerseys, cycling caps, and amazing bib shorts are all perfect to inspire riders with extremely high needs. Because the fabric, fit, and comfort of these clothing are outstanding. Thus, ASSOS is not just a brand, infact it is a way of life!