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Axant bike wear online

No matter how intense the conditions or environment, you can rely on the Axant clothing range to deliver, with its collection of highly functional and durable outdoor and bike wear. By fusing the latest sportswear technologies, high performance fabrics and clever features, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected from the elements and can ride your bike comfortably - and in style. On the website, there is a comprehensive selection of Axant bike wear and accessories that are suitable for all seasons, from freezing temperatures to hot summer days. The collection includes cycling shorts, bib shorts and pants, jerseys, jackets, helmets, gloves and other accessories designed for men, women and children.

Axant bike wear

Axant makes cycling apparel for comfort and protection while riding

The Axant brand is well known for manufacturing versatile, seamless and long-lasting clothing that is designed to fit comfortably and also provide maximum protection. Throughout the years, it has developed innovations for cyclists that include:

  • Cycling shorts, bibs and pants for men and women that offer an optimal range of movement and are integrated with innovative features such as an ergonomically shaped seat cushion for a more enjoyable and comfortable ride, rubberised hems to prevent slipping and flat-stitched seams to avoid pressure points.
  • Multifunctional cloth made from a highly elastic and durable material that can be used as a scarf or under a helmet. It’s created seam-free to reduce pressure points and friction.
  • Breathable and stylish cycling jerseys for men, women and children, with innovative features such as integrated pockets for storing essentials, a rubberised hem and an elongated back to prevent slippage.
  • Lightweight and close-fitting cycling jackets for men and women to protect against the wind and the rain. Reflective features enhance visibility for extra security on the open road.
  • Jackets for children with optimal visibility, reflective parts, storage space for additional items and an ergonomic fit for ease of movement.
  • Lightweight and good looking helmets with reliable In-Mould technology and adjustable size system for adults and children.
  • Trademark socks suitable for a range of outdoor activities including cycling, trekking, hiking and everyday use.
  • Fast drying gloves designed with padding for extra comfort and support.
  • High-quality, seamless underwear designed with comfort in mind and made from materials that prevent friction and allow the wearer maximum freedom of movement.

Hit the roads or trails with Axant seamless bike wear

On the website, choose from a number of products for men, women and children from the Axant brand, from jackets, jerseys and pants to hard-wearing helmets, gloves and underwear. With its reputation for durable, lightweight and versatile products, Axant bike wear has been designed to suit everyone, from newcomers to the world of cycling to seasoned pros. The brand is renowned for manufacturing the lightest, most robust bike gear and is as suitable on tough mountain terrain as it is for those who wish to commute through the city. Wherever your next adventure may take you, make sure that it’s a positive experience with Axant by your side.