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Bell Helmets: The choice of the Professionals
Bell Helmets: The choice of the Professionals
Bell is the world's best-known manufacturer of bicycle helmets. The American company is constantly working on the development of new products and materials. Bell’s helmets are worn by world champions and Olympians, a fact that reflects the top quality of the helmets.


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Bell Helmets for Every Ride


No one wants or expects to crash their bike during a ride. But it’s important to be prepared and to protect the most important body part of all – your head. Bell has a long history of producing high-quality helmets to keep your head safe. The company’s helmets are trusted by professional cyclists and recreational riders alike. Even better, Bell offers a huge selection of helmets for every style of riding, no matter whether you need a full-coverage shell for mountain biking or an aerodynamic helmet for triathlon and road racing.

Why Choose a Bell Helmet?

The engineers at Bell have made a lot of helmets and tested even more – they understand everything there is to know about how helmet designs can protect your head. On top of that, Bell has spent years working with and listening to cyclists, so the company knows exactly what mountain bikers, road cyclists, and triathletes are looking for in the perfect helmet. The result of this long history is that Bell is at the cutting-edge of helmet technology and offers the widest possible range of helmets for every type of rider.

Bell BMX and Mountain Biking Helmets

BMX and mountain biking call for full-coverage protection of your head. In addition to the usual risks of hitting your head during a crash, when you’re biking on trails there are plenty of obstacles that can hit you in the face or the side. For that reason, Bell offers a huge selection of BMX and mountain biking helmets that cover your whole head rather than just the top. For BMX specifically, Bell produces helmets with integrated face masks and removable visors to help keep the sun out of your eyes. While still protecting your head, Bell’s construction ensures that its helmets are lightweight and breathable enough that they won’t get in the way of your ride.

Bell Road Cycling Helmets

Bell offers an enormous range of helmets for road cyclists. Whether you just want an inexpensive helmet for commuting to work or an aero road helmet for racing, Bell has you covered. What all of Bell’s helmets have in common – beyond providing excellent head protection in the event of a crash – is a highly breathable shell that won’t leave sweat pouring down your face. Plus, Bell’s adjustment systems are quick to adjust and easy to secure and release.

Bell Aero Helmets

For triathletes and road racing, Bell has a full line of aero helmets designed to help you ride as fast as possible. Bell’s aero helmets are unique for the amount of breathability they provide, while wind tunnel tests prove that they’re among the fastest helmets on the market.

MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System

Bell was one of the first helmet manufacturers to adopt MIPS – multi-directional impact protection system – technology into its helmets. These helmets protect your head from not only the direct impact involved in a crash, but also the rotational forces that can cause concussions. For the ultimate head protection, there are better choices than a Bell helmet with MIPS technology.

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