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Bell 4Forty

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Bell 4Forty

Mountain biking is a difficult sport; making concessions and taking shortcuts with gear is never a good idea. With extensive ventilation, the convenience of Floating Fitting, sweat guide, enhanced rear protection, a complete hard-shell, adjustable visor, and the choice of integrated MIPS shield, the 4Forty comes to resist the rigors of trail riding life. The 4Forty is an all-conditions, all-kinds trail champion, with the convenience, protection, and competent features of helmets twice the price.

Features: bell 4forty mtb helmets

  • The 4Forty comes with an in-moulded polycarbonate shell that stretches around the bottom lip of the whole lid. And also surrounds and shields the EPS foam liner.
  • It also includes MIPS protection built in. This is to help limit the transmission of rotational forces encountered in a crash to the wearer's head.
  • The retention cradle is adjustable via an indexed thumb wheel on the back of the lid and offers four vertical adjustment settings. It wraps all around whole circumference of the helmet. Thus allowing the fit to be customizable from all sides instead of just the back and sides as is common with other systems.
  • There are a total of 15 vents with internal channeling connecting them.
  • The peak adjusts in height, allowing you to place goggles on the front of the lid.
  • The padding includes a Moisture Guide to assist keep sweat away from the wearer's brows as it drips down.

Thus, the 4Forty as a featherweight for any situation. Also is apt for any kind of trail. Moreover it is full of luxury, security, and many other important qualities that are otherwise only present in helmets that are twice its cost.

Performance of the Bell 4Forty helmet

  • The 4Forty has a generous, comfy, and neutral fit that engulfes the head with no pressure areas or hot spots.
  • It's simple to tighten and comfy even when cranked all the way up, thanks to the 360-degree retention adjustment system.
  • The straps were also very comfortable due to their wide surface area, and the splitters can be adjusted with one hand.
  • Fortunately, the pads absorb a lot of sweat, and once wet, the Sweat Guide do an excellent job of keeping the drips from running down my forehead or the insides of the spectacles.

Conclusion for the Bell 4Forty helmet

The 4Forty is a superb helmet with exceptional all-day comfort. It provides a lot of coverage and makes you feel protected and secure. Thus, the Bell 4Forty Air Mips is the top pick for your new trail helmet, equipped with pro-level technology yet developed with the privateer in mind.