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Choose from the following detailed assembly instructions for the right way to put your bike together:

Build your bike in minutes

At Bikester you can purchase bikes on the internet and have them delivered straight to your door. To deliver the bikes as safely and securely as possible, we have developed special bike packaging.

In order to send the bike quickly and effectively, the front wheel is delivered without being attached to the bike. In in the case of trekking bikes, the handlebar is angled crossways. All necessary assembly and adjustment work including the centering of the wheels, gear system and brake adjustment are done by our bike mechanics prior to delivery. You'll receive a perfectly adjusted bike which will be ready to ride in just a few minutes.

The steps involved in assembling your bike are simple:

  1. Remove the packaging
  2. Adjust the handlebars
  3. Install the front wheel
  4. Adjust saddle and handlebars to the desired riding position
  5. Attach the pedals

Assembly Instructions

Each bike is accompanied by an illustrated instruction manual, which describes in detail all the necessary steps required to make the bike roadworthy. Since bikes can be quite different, we have created individual instructions for the three most popular types of bike - trekking bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes - Additionally, special videos covering the assembly of the three types of bike are available. Building our bikes at home requires very little effort and can be done in a few minutes.

We wish you a lot of fun with your new bike!

Bike assembly & adjustment

Ordering bikes online

"How is my bike delivered?" Our Customer Service team often get this question. It's understandable given the nature of the package and not everyone is familiar with bike assembly. Fitting gears, brake systems, suspension elements and bearings professionally and safely requires experience and special tools. For safety reasons, brakes and gears should be professionally adjusted and checked before the first ride.

Assembled by the manufacturer – adjusted and tested by Bikester

Bikes more often than not require professional assembly and fine adjustment before reaching the customer.

Bikester is your online specialist bike retailer! We employ more than 10 bike mechanics who professionally assemble and rigourously test each bike prior to dispatch. Our customers are guaranteed the highest quality of assembly and service.

Self assembly - how to do it correctly

Your bike comes ready to use from Bikester. Customers have to make only a few small adjustments before they can hit the road. We have summarised these steps in our assembly videos. You'll learn how to build your new bike and adjust it in just a few simple steps.

We'll also give you useful tips and tricks on how to fine-tune your bike and make simple repairs.

Bike assembly instructions

Here you'll find the assembly steps you need to take to get your bike on the road.

Adjust the suspension

Not too hard and not too soft. You should adjust the suspension fork and damper of your new bike exactly to your body weight.

Tyres and wheels

We'll show you how to set your wheels straight if you have a bulge

Troubleshooting – Fixing punctures easily

The gear system has shifted and consequently rattles? Are the brakes grinding? We'll show you how to deal with these problems yourself.

Care, maintenance and wear

If you use your bike a lot, you should also take care of it and check regularly for wear and tear. We'll show you the kind of things to look out for here.

Seat position and ergonomics

The right seat height, the appropriate cockpit, the saddle incline and the perfect positioning of the click pedals – we'll cover these topics and more. Our aim is to enhance your riding experience.

Our assembly procedures at Bikester

Depending on the manufacturer and the country of origin, all bikes involve complex assembly procedures. Our trained bike mechanics ensure each bike is assembled correctly before dispatch.

Step 1: Set the gear system

A well-adjusted gear system provides good cycling pleasure and unimpeded propulsion. Whether a chain shift or hub shift, precise gear changes must be ensured for each gear type. The precise adjustment of the gear system is therefore our first priority.

Step 2: Center the wheels

The front and rear wheels receive all the impact. We check and center all bikes prior to delivery. Only bikes with stable wheels leave our warehouse.

Step 3: Adjust the brakes

Brakes are critical to your safety. All our mechanical brakes and hydraulic brake systems are therefore carefully set and tested by our mechanics. Each bike is subject to a strict brake test before dispatch.

Step 4: Final inspection

All the important fittings, brakes, spring elements, bearings and joints are checked once again in the final inspection. Every bike is signed off by a Bikester mechanic before being safely packed in our specially designed delivery boxes.

Step 5: Shipping and Delivery

Ideally we'd love to deliver our bikes so that they can be used straight out of the box. Unfortunately, this isn't entirely possible. Bikes are bulky and must be packed smaller to ensure they can be delivered affordably.

Our special delivery boxes allow us to pack our bikes as close to road-ready as possible. Only a few adjustments separate you from starting your new bike. You simply have to adjust the handlebars, insert the front wheel and mount the pedals. All the necessary tools come supplied in the box and you are sent detailed assembly instructions via email. You will remember - your new bike will be ready in just a few minutes.

Have fun with your new bike!

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