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Cross country fullys: Fast, efficient and comfortable
Cross country fullys: Fast, efficient and comfortable
Modern cross country full suspension bikes offer improved traction, efficient performance and greater comfort. Although they're slightly heavier, the overall benefits outweigh any weight penalty. With approximately 100 -130 mm of precisely-adjustable travel at the front and rear, the suspension works for and with the rider when climbing and descending. Many manufacturers also offer the option to lock the suspension when sprinting and climbing for even greater efficiency. The seat tube angle allows for an aggressive riding position that works great for varied, quick off-road riding. Whether a more agile 27.5” model or a smoother-rolling 29” model is the right choice for you depends on personal preferences and your body size.

Cross Country bikes

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Cross Country Mountain Bikes for Hitting the Trails

Cross Country Mountain Bikes

You’ve been eyeing a route that links up several different trails to cover an entire mountain range. Now, you need a bike that can go the distance. Cross country mountain bikes are specifically designed for long days on the trails and for adding speed to your ride. Whether you’re trying out new, longer routes, getting into trail racing, or simply looking to upgrade your existing mountain bike, a cross country bike can improve your riding.

Full Suspension Cross Country Bikes

All of the cross country bikes we offer at are full suspension bikes. That’s because the small amount of weight a modern suspension system adds to your bike is more than compensated for by the increase in comfort and control having a full suspension adds. Especially if you plan to be on your bike for hours at a time, you’ll thank yourself for opting for a cross country bike that dampens out the impact of rocks, logs, and drops. Plus, if you do need a burst of extra speed or stiffness when climbing, many cross country bikes allow you to lock the suspension in place.

Choosing the Right Cross Country Bike

When it comes to choosing the perfect cross country bike for your rides, there are a number of important features to consider.

Wheel Size

Cross country mountain bikes come with either 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels. 27.5-inch diameter wheels are large enough to roll over most obstacles, but still small enough to be highly manoeuvrable. You’ll also find 27.5+ wheels, which are 27.5-inch wheels with a wider rim. The extra width gives these wheels even more ability to roll past large obstacles. 29-inch wheels are generally more popular for cross country bikes since they travel over large obstacles with ease and give you more rolling efficiency once you’re moving. The only downside to 29-inch wheels is that they are heavier and take more effort to accelerate.

Frame Material

Most cross country bikes are constructed with either aluminium alloy or carbon frames. Aluminium is the most common type of frame material you’ll find since it’s durable, not too heavy, and relatively inexpensive compared to carbon construction. Carbon cross country bikes tend to be more expensive, but they are also very fast thanks to the minimal weight of the carbon frame.

Number of Gears

Cross country bikes vary widely in the number of gears you can switch between. Some have only one front chainring, while others have two or even three. Meanwhile, rear cassettes can offer between 10 and 12 gears. Altogether, that means that cross country bikes can have anywhere between 10 and 30 gears. Ultimately, the number of gears you need comes down to your fitness level and the type of terrain you’ll most often be riding through. Many cyclists opt for cross country bikes with just one front chainring because it simplifies maintenance and eliminates the need for a front derailleur.

Cross Country Bikes at

Here at, we offer a huge selection of cross country bikes to fit any trail ride. Whether you need an aluminium or carbon frame, with 10 gears or 30, we have you covered. Plus, we offer a 100-day return policy and free shipping on all our cross country bikes.