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Kiox BUI330 Retrofit Kit

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Product description

Bosch Kiox BUI330 Retrofit Kit

Please note: the majority of our electronic products that come with plugs are fitted with 2-pronged EU plugs as standard. The operating voltage remains the same, however you may require an additional, simple EU to UK adapter to use them

The small display that's got it all
Small, connected and pioneering: Kiox offers ambitious sporty eBikers access to the digital world via the eBike Connect smartphone app, while also enabling them to navigate to their destination. The robust colour display ensures eBikers can always see their riding data at a glance, while the separate control unit allows them to keep the eBike under control. Kiox can record your trips and send all the relevant data via the smartphone's Bluetooth connection to the eBike Connect online portal. When connected with a heart rate monitor using Bluetooth, it also enables riders to get the most out of their training. This makes Kiox the perfect companion – for athletic rides and Connected Biking adventures.


Always on the right track: The new Kiox navigation function supports eBikers as they explore unfamiliar areas. Navigation is started using the smartphone. The on-board computer is connected via Bluetooth and indicates the planned ride on the display as a line showing the eBiker the route.

Precise orientation
When the ride is a goal in itself: The new Navigation function of the on-board computer is perfectly tailored to the needs of sporty eBikers. The view on the display rotates in the direction of movement while riding and Kiox also shows the distance to the destination. This makes it very easy to navigate tracks.

Easy route planning
Planning your own trips is easy: eBikers can easily plan their routes using the eBike Connect app or online portal and send them to Kiox via the app. When connected with komoot or Outdooractive, they can discover many more routes nearby.

Customised display
For a totally personal riding experience: Screens and the choice of riding data to be displayed can be easily configured on Kiox and thus adapted to your own preferences. This enables eBikers to focus purely on the thing they enjoy: eBiking.

Recording activities
The link to the connected eBike world of Bosch: All relevant riding data is recorded by Kiox and transmitted via Bluetooth to the eBike Connect app. All activities can be evaluated after the trip in the app or online portal.

Automatic synchronisation
All information at your fingertips at all times: Data is automatically synchronised by Bluetooth between Kiox and the app. Even software updates can be loaded easily and wirelessly on the on-board computer.

Determining fitness data
For daily work-out sessions: The on-board computer provides all important training data in real time and shows the rider's cadence, calories burnt and personal performance. This makes it easier to set and attain fitness goals.

Optimising training
Greater eBiking efficiency: Kiox can be connected to a heart rate monitor using Bluetooth technology. This enables eBikers to check their current pulse rate range at any time, helping them to get the most out of their training.

Increasing motivation
Improving fitness with Kiox: The on-board computer notifies eBikers whether they are going above or below their average personal speed. This will motivate them to push themselves even harder. After the ride, all recorded fitness data can also be shared with Strava, giving a perfect overview of training.

Great looking design
Compact but big by design: The compact and handy display makes for an uncluttered handlebar and a minimalistic eBike look. The screen features strong colours and a clearly laid out user interface, optimised for the best possible readability.

Practical magnetic mount
Perfect for sporty riding: Stowed quickly yet still securely mounted - thanks to the magnetic mount, the on-board computer can be removed and attached with ease. Like many outdoor devices, Kiox has a small eyelet on the bottom edge that can be used to attach a strap.

Remote Compact
Keeping everything under control: The buttons of the separate control unit enable the on-board computer to be operated comfortably using your thumb. The distinct, tactile pressure behind the buttons gives the rider clear feedback.

eBike Connect app

Kiox meets the smartphone
The eBike Connect app enables Kiox to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. There it is possible to change certain settings or to evaluate your own activities - for a very personal, connected and interactive eBike experience.

eBike Connect online portal

All data at a glance
eBikers have all relevant information from the eBike Connect online portal at www.ebike-connect.com in view on a tablet or PC. Kiox uses the smartphone's Internet connection to transfer data to the online portal.

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Trekking, Bike Travel, All-round / Beginner, Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Bikepacking, Cross
Manufacturer compatibility:
Main Information
Gen 2: Active Line (BDU2XX), Performance Line/Speed (BDU2XX), Performance Line CX (BDU2XX) / Gen3: Active Line (BDU3XX), Active Line Plus (BDU3XX), Performance Line (BDU3XX) / Gen4: Performance Line CX (BDU4XX), Performance Line Speed (BDU4XX), Cargo Line
Battery capacity
Current speed
Riding mode
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Average speed
Error message
60 g
Scope of Delivery
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Display Kiox, Display holder Kiox, Mounting plate Kiox, Control unit, Drive unit cable
Energy Saving
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USB plug
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Bosch Kiox BUI330 Retrofit Kit
Bosch Kiox
Translated from the German To the original
Simple retrofitting with plug & play. Significantly more functions than the Purion
Bosch Kiox BUI330 Retrofit Kit
Bosch Kiox Retrofit Kit
Order the Bosch Kiox kit from bikester.co.uk and had a great experience from placing the order to taking speedy receipt of the order. Great price and experience with bikester.co.uk !
Bosch Kiox BUI330 Retrofit Kit
Kiox retrofit set
Translated from the German To the original
For me a great upgrade to the Purion display. It would be nice if the navigation was a little more precise.