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Brooks Cambium
Brooks Cambium is a new generation of saddles that offer unique flexibility to the racing man or woman searching for a means to enhance their performance.Top riders know that comfort is crucial to success, and that a small weight saving does not compare to the comfort needed for performance efficiency. Brooks Cambium saddles answer this demand, offering a natural feel and flexibility unlike any foam or gel saddles on the market. The Cambium's vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton top offers extraordinary comfort and exceptional freedom of movement essential to the performance and endurance racer. The entire surface of the Cambium top moves and flows naturally with the movement of the rider for better pedalling and control.
The hard-wearing top, die-cast aluminium structure, and tubular steel rails allow the Cambium to stand up to many years of hard use, something which will be appreciated by racers of all disciplines. Furthermore, a distinct dampening effect is delivered by the classic Brooks "hammock" construction, reducing road vibrations and keeping the rider comfortably in the saddle. This combination multiplies the performance advantage over long distance, producing unparalleled comfort after kilometre 60, 100, 160, and beyond.​

Brooks Cambium

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Brooks Cambium

About brand

Brooks saddles have the timeless designs and styles since the brands establishment in 1866, and have become the pick of professional riders.

From the shape and sturdiness of vegetable tanned leather to the instant flexible ease of natural rubber, the brand continually seeks to search out and select materials of the best quality to provide individuals who love to ride with ease, sturdiness, style, and flexibility - on every sort of ride.

The Brooks Cambium All Season is a robust and comfy saddle that is "ready to ride," owing to a vulcanized natural rubber top for versatile functionality that requires no break in time. The watertight, waterproof nylon covering is perfect to work flawlessly in all circumstances, from freezing rain to bright sunshine. The redesigned fibreglass strengthened back plate also includes loops for a saddle bag or other accessories.

Brooks cambium are for every rides, path and seasons

Cambium range is for all seasons and paths. Organic cotton canvas saturated with vulcanised natural rubber is used in the unique Cambium saddle series. Ease, durability, and waterproofing are all advantages of the Cambium saddle. Due to its suspend construction, it also absorbs vibration well.

The Cambium saddle is available in a range of widths to accommodate various riding styles and body configurations. Also, the Carved model has a cut-out in the top to relieve pressure spots.

Moreover, the elasticity of a natural rubber top on the simple construction of the cambium saddle has been created to travel with you on the voyage. Thus, making it ready to ride in all weather conditions and on all routes. Moreover, these match up to the same classic design standards as Brooks saddles. Furthermore, the extraordinary capabilities of natural rubber encourages a fresh era of daring riders.

Features of brooks cambium saddles

Brooks, set-up in 1866, is a saddle-making legend. Also, in its Birmingham facility, it still manufactures a wide selection of classic leather saddles. Furthermore, it also makes the new and innovative Cambium saddles and a variety of traditional-style accoutrements.

Rubber is naturally flexible.

The Cambium saddles are of natural rubber. (from trees)

All-surface absorption

Built to absorb shocks and make the ride more comfortable.

Constantly comfortable

Natural ease for the length of the ride in all circumstances and terrain, operating regularly over time and with continual use.

Moves along with you

Rubber is a natural product that responds to and follows the motions of the rider.