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Lazer Bike Helmets

Founded in 1919, Lazer is a company that is at the forefront of helmet technology when it comes to innovation, design and safety.

When Lazer began, helmets were completely different from what they are today. Imagine a thick leather cap worn by men riding heavy steel bikes on cobbled roads. Now flash forward to today and marvel at the lightweight, adjustable, well-ventilated and stylish helmets on offer.

Get your next Lazer cycling helmet on

All Lazer products are designed and tested in Belgium and the helmets are sold worldwide. Here at Bikester, we stock a large selection of Lazer cycling helmets for men, women and children.

What types of Lazer helmets are available?

Lazer helmets come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Bikester, we offer a range of Lazer helmets specially designed and tested for the following:

  • Road bike helmets
  • MTB helmets
  • Touring and City helmets
  • BMX and dirt bike helmets
  • E-Bike helmets

These helmets differ from one another through subtle differences in shape, style and fit, offering more specific protection depending on the riding you do. For example, an MTB-specific helmet may offer fuller protection and a sun visor. It may also have more ventilation than a City bike helmet.

Conversely, a road bike helmet will have a sleeker and more streamlined design for ultimate speed on your bike.

Lazer helmets offer clever features for ultimate comfort

All Lazer helmets integrate simple yet intelligent designs to ensure total comfort and safety. These helmets use designs that prevent any intense pressure points by offering simple adjustments around the entire width of your head.

Many Lazer helmets are fitted with integrated insect nets as well as rear-mounted LED lights for that extra visibility needed at night. Some even have go-pro mounts and goggle holders incorporated into their design.

In many of the MTB helmets, the fully adjustable head basket means that the back section of the retention system can be adjusted up or down. Each rider can alter the vertical sizing of the helmet depending on their preferences.

Lazer kids helmets

Children aren't forgotten in the range of Lazer helmets available at Bikester. We stock a range of hard shell and ventilated helmets for young children and teenagers. For young children, Lazer's skate-inspired helmets are a fun option as they come with a sticker sheet, so your child can decorate their helmet themselves.

All of the designs we stock offer maximum protection for your little ones. Expertly crafted with extended protective areas in the temples and neck area, they're comfortable and ultra-safe. The integrated visors shade your child's eyes and insect nets stop bugs from getting in.

Helmet accessories

Here at Bikester, we also offer the option of Lazer's innovative aeroshells. These are easily attached to their specific helmets and offer increased aerodynamic protection as well as complete protection from the elements. In addition to these nifty aeroshells, we also stock a range of LED lights from Lazer that clip onto the Lazer helmets for good night visibility.

Whatever type of Lazer helmet you require, we're sure that we will have something that suits your needs. Browse our stock of Lazer helmets here at Bikester today.