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Gravel Tyres

When riding a gravel bike, it's essential to choose the right tyres to go with it. This is because it's vital to get the perfect balance between rolling resistance, comfort level and protection against punctures. On top of that, you need to have a tyre that matches the different distances and terrains when you choose to go for a ride.

 Gravel Tyres

With all that in mind, please look at our Bikester tyre guide to finding the perfect tyre for your needs.

Finding gravel bike tyres

The first step when looking at gravel tyres is to determine what type of ride you're going on. A long weekend on the road requires light yet fast tyres. They do need to be robust, too, especially if you are also planning to hit the trails. But you can also choose to add some tyre accessories such as repair packs and make this your commuter bike. Gravel tyres, if you get the right ones, can also work well for this.

Rough riding

The most important thing when choosing your gravel tyres is the terrain. For rough rides, a fraction higher than simple road riding, such as cobbled streets, you need a gravel tyre that offers more grip. Options here include our range of Continental gravel tyres as they come in a variety of sizes and are slightly heavier. This makes them durable and able to handle these more bouncy roads.

Smooth sailing

Something like our range of WTB tyres works well for those looking at smooth but gravel-filled roads. With loose gravel on top of a smooth surface, you need a tyre with more grip, especially on the corners. WTB tyres have a slick central strip for extra rolling but a strong tread on each side for the proper grip. The WTB Venture, for instance, provides the optimal grip in these types of conditions giving top-level traction.

All gravel

However, if you're looking at level three or four gravel roads, this is a hard surface with tons of gravel, then you need a larger volume tyre with lower pressures. Options such as Schwalbe gravel tyres or Teravail gravel tyres are great for this kind of riding as they will reduce the impact if you hit larger rocks. Teravail tyres, in particular, offer a more comprehensive volume making them an excellent option for moving between single track or looser gravel roads.

The Schwalbe Allround Performance tyre is an excellent choice as it uses the G-One profile and is tubeless, meaning it can easily be switched between high and low pressures. It's also lightweight and durable, thanks to the SnakeSkin fabric sidewalls.

Going up

Finally, you can consider mountain terrain. This means you're likely to come across roots, drops and technical trail features on your ride. If your bike frame can handle this roughness, then you'll want MTB tyres to match. Schwalbe gravel tyres are the perfect option here. They are also tubeless tyres and are ideal for all weather conditions. They offer more expansive spaces between lugs, reducing clogging, and are lightweight as well.