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Touring & City Cycle Shoes

If you're in the market for some road bike or MTB shoes then Bikester's got you covered — our extensive collection of cycle shoes ensures there is something for everyone's requirements. The main thing to consider when choosing a pair of cycling shoes are:

  • Choose bike shoes that have a comfortable fit from the get-go
  • The shoes should allow your toes to move around slightly
  • Your arch needs to be well-supported in the shoes
  • Your heels shouldn't slide in and out of the shoe when moving
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Touring cycling shoes

If you're planning to go on bike tours with your shoes, you'll need a different style of shoe than if you're planning for mainly shorter rides on the road. This is because you might only be taking the bike shoes with you, so you'll need to occasionally use them for walking around.

City cycling shoes will require some more technical features which may not be suitable or comfortable for bike touring. When choosing the right touring cycling shoes consider the following elements:

  • Find a shoe with a strong rubber sole: carbon soles are too slippery if you're going to walk in the shoes in between cycling sessions
  • Good ventilation: absolutely essential when you'll be wearing them for hours on end
  • Avoid buckles and clips for the adjustment: velcro-tensioned shoes are much more suitable in the touring environment

Shimano shoes are a great option for touring. Their bike shoes for platform pedals have a block tread pattern that provides great grip to the pedals, whether on the ascent or descent. Shimano offers many different styles of men's and women's cycling touring shoes, alongside many other designers in our stock.

Road Bike Shoes

Often more sleek and with carbon soles, these shoes are for optimum racing and efficiency in mind. We stock a range of clip-on and clipless bike shoes which are proven to maximise efficiency across the board.

It's also worth considering whether you're looking for winter shoes or warmer season shoes, as the winter styles will offer more protection from the elements as well as waterproof qualities. Summer shoes will give you more ventilation which is very necessary during the warmer months.

Mountain bike shoes

MTB riders are definitely not forgotten in our cycle shoes category. We stock a brilliantly diverse selection of mountain bike shoes and accessories to have you off on those trails in no time.

A firm favourite amongst riders are the Adidas Five Ten shoes which are a series of shoes for trail cross and beyond. Their sleek designs are created with rough terrain in mind. They manage to look stylish whilst offering complete protection for your feet. Neoprene cuffs on their ankle-high shoes mean that dirt doesn't enter your shoes whilst riding in the mud, which is a great plus.

For the very best in women's and men's touring cycling shoes and other types of biking shoes, look no further than Bikester. We've curated a collection of the best bike shoes on the market just for you.