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MTB Rims

Wheels are one of the many important features of a bike. When it comes to making improvements, no matter what type of biking you are partial to, wheels are tricky to upgrade. There are so many factors that go into finding the best wheels. Getting it wrong can mean that your bike isn't going to handle well and can even make things worse.

 MTB Rims

When choosing the right MTB wheels here at Bikester, you need to consider the weights of the wheels, the rim widths, the mountain bike hubs available and so on. Getting it wrong can be costly, both in bike performance and for your budget. With that in mind, don't forget to check out our MTB assembly guide.

Going the distance

If you're looking for mountain bike rims for enduro rides, then DT Swiss rims MTB rims are one of the best ways to go. The DT Swiss M 462 rim is an excellent option for this. It offers enduro rim technology in a slightly slimmer design for mountain bikes. These rims are tough, durable and affordable thanks to the wrapped rim joint.

Similarly, the Mavic XC also offers excellent tour or cross-country rims. These rims have a hollow chamber and are suited to disc brakes. They are also lightweight and have a wider 25 mm profile with Inter Spoke Milling, which can remove debris from the rim. It helps to make this rim a lot faster than other rims and doesn't compromise on the durability of the rim either.

Heading up hill

For some of the best mountain bike rims, look no further than Mavic MTB rims. The Mavic XM1030 is the latest in the XM range and is the most advanced option. It offers a much wider, 30 mm profile and has a welded rim. This is also a v-shaped rim and can be used with disc brakes to ensure complete safety when braking.

Newmen MTB rims are also ideally suited to mountain bikers. The Evolution range is the toughest rim from this brand and provides a very stable rim that can withstand some really tough knocks. These aluminium rims are wide too. The rims come with flared flanges, which make them more durable against dents. Additionally, this design also ensures the tyre is kept rounded, which means it can take corners much more efficiently. It can take tyres from 2.35 inches (5.97 cm) to 2.6 inches (6.6 cm) too.

More relaxed riding

Just because you're not road biking doesn't mean you won't need road bike rims. Any of these MTB rims can be used for road bikes too. However, there are some options that are better than others. DT Swiss, for instance, has some great rims with hollow chambers that are perfect for beginner bikes as well as general touring and road cycling. They are compatible with a wide range of wheel sizes and offer an effective rim that should last for a long time in this less harsh style of biking.

There are many options here at Bikester, so if you need help, don't hesitate to get in touch.