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Road Bike Pedals

Getting the right pair of road bike pedals is essential when you're serious about biking. In fact, a good pair of pedals can make the difference when out and about. However, the type of pedal you buy depends on the bike and the terrain you intend to cover.

Shimano Road Bike pedals in Black

So, are you wondering which road bike pedals should I buy? If this is the case, then here at Bikester, we have a range of different road pedals for you to look at. Keep reading our road bike guide to learn which pedals are best for you. Alternatively, reach out to one of our knowledgeable customer services team.

On the road

For those looking for road pedals, Shimano road pedals should be the first stopping point. This brand offers some of the best pedals out there. Their pedals include the latest technology in materials and design to prevent the foot from slipping during use. Furthermore, these pedals are lightweight yet provide a large area for the shoe to make contact. Better still, these are low maintenance too.

Shimano offers strong clip connections with four deep connection points for the cleats to slot into neatly, depending on the pedal type.

Staying connected

Garmin road pedals offer something a little different. These contain sensors within the pedals so that they can detect cadence as well as Cycling Dynamics. For those looking to improve their biking, this is the perfect way to keep connected and use this information to improve performance.

In physical terms, Garmin offers solid and durable pedals that are easy to install and use across a range of different bikes.

Trying clipless pedals

While many pedals come with cleats and a clip-in feature, this is not for everyone. If you prefer clipless shoes so that you can more easily walk after getting off a bike, then a clipless pedal might be the one for you. With this in mind, a good pair of MTB pedals might be the way to go no matter what terrain you are riding on.

Excitingly, Crankbrothers road pedals are great for this. They offer a vast titanium pedal body and wings. They are also ribbed, which provides better traction when using them too. On top of that, they have a four-way entry, which is perfect for faster settle times and suitable for competitions. Better yet, this brand offers clipless and combi pedals enabling you to use these on a range of different terrains with no issues.

There is a wide range of different clipless pedals available here at Bikester. Why not take a look at the various models.

Biking extras

Finally, when you grab a new pair of pedals, you will want to consider some of the necessary maintenance accessories. You can check out the range of sock and bike shoes that will help improve your performance whether riding your bike on the road or up a mountainside.

Please take a look at our complete selection of road pedals and take your biking performance to the next level.