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CatEye is a Japanese company that was founded back in 1954. Based out of Osaka, this exciting company took steps to manufacture various bicycle accessories. In fact, CatEye developed the first flashing bike light just ten years after it was founded.

Cateye Brand

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise to learn that CatEye is all about ensuring that cyclists can see and be seen while out there. As a result, they have a range of CatEye bike lights, safety lights, bike bells, bike computers and reflectors to meet these needs.

We have a range of CatEye products available, so take a look at what we have available. We'll start with our quick Bikester bike computer guide to introduce you to the different levels of cycle computers available from this brand.

Smart and wireless computers

CatEye released its first CatEye Cycle computers in 1981. Since then, their products have only grown in strength and usefulness. Some of these are designed for the beginner, others are more high-tech.

Whichever you choose, they all offer basic functions including large, easy-to-read displays, speed readouts, daily distances and total distance travelled to name just a few. In terms of longevity, these computers also come with an auto-energy saving mode, 3-year battery life and the ability to use them with a variety of tyre sizes.

These computers come in an array of different operating options too. You can grab smart, wired or wireless bicycle computers from CatEye, each of which has its own unique pros and cons. For something durable, opt for the Enduro, and its tear-resistant cable, perfect for off-road use.

Staying visible

Being able to see, and keeping yourself visible are other important aspects to consider when biking. CatEye has products to help here too.

While many brands focus on headlamps, CatEye also offers a number of safety lights. Their compact safety red light comes with over 500 hours of runtime. It's easy to attach to your bike, but can also be attached to a helmet, backpack or even a pocket.

There are front light options available as well. These products are also supremely compact and use a slim design. The 50 lux offered in these lights is maintained by just one LED. While simple, sometimes this is all you need for urban cycling and these lights have just two settings — high or low. The battery time is 3.5 hours at the highest setting, allowing plenty of time to get you home.

Being heard

CatEye also has a range of bells available too. While being visible is important, being heard is too, especially in the city on cycle routes. There are a wide array of different bells available, coming in various stylish colours such as black and grey.

Their bells can all be fitted using screws and clamps. They come in various sizes too, from the small mini bell, for those without much room, to much larger models. Each bell also has a strong, assertive tone, so you won't have to worry about not being heard as you make your way about town.