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Warmers for protected knees
Knee warmers are the minimal alternative full legwarmers. Following the same principle as long leg warmers, knee warmers cover and protect the sensitive knee joint. This is enough for many sporty riders (especially in transitional seasons). Like leg warmers, knee warmers are also worn on the thigh under your cycling bibs/shorts and grip securely due to the tight fit of the elastic material and rubberised leg cuff.

Knee Warmers

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We’re firm believers in the old saying, ‘If it’s cold enough for sleeves, it’s cold enough for knees’. Changeable weather can sometimes make it tricky to decide which clothing to pick for a ride – you look out the window before leaving the house to see perfect sunshine, only for the sun to duck behind the clouds within five kilometres and the temperature to drop significantly.

Luckily, thanks to arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers, you never have to worry about wearing exactly the ‘right’ outfit again.

Why a pair of knee warmers?

Why not just wear full-length or three-quarter-length bib tights, you might be wondering. Well, the beauty of knee warmers is that they’re easily removable and stowable in your jersey pocket, adding great versatility to your outfit. And as any cyclist who has mistakenly worn full-length or three-quarter-length bib tights on a warmer day knows, this can be extremely uncomfortable and sweaty, leaving you with no option but to keep riding in discomfort. Being able to just put on or remove your knee warmers to suit the temperature is far preferable.

What types of knee warmers are available?

As with all cycling clothing, various kinds of knee warmers are available to suit different conditions.

For colder weather riding, look for knee warmers designed for winter use – these usually have the word ‘thermo’ somewhere in the product name and use thicker, heavier fabric. Other models are designed specifically for windy weather.

If it rains often where you live, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of knee warmers that are designed to be water-resistant. As with models designed for winter weather, the clue is in the name – it’s usually obvious which are designed with rainy weather in mind. As always, check the individual product descriptions for further information.

Knee warmers are even available in fabrics designed specifically for very sunny weather, offering UV protection that keeps harmful sun rays off of your skin.

A little on fit and materials

As with most modern cycling clothing, knee warmers are usually made from a mix of moisture-wicking and elastic man-made fabrics such as polyamide, polyester and elastane. This ensures that as well as drying quickly and feeling comfortable on the skin, the knee warmers stay put and don’t slide up or down your legs.

Look for knee warmers with ergonomic shapes and bends at the knees, this will help them stay in position during energetic riding.

A great range of knee warmers at

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