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Giro Merit Spherical Helmet Women matte black ice dye
Giro Merit Spherical Helmet Women matte black ice dye
Merit Spherical Helmet Women matte black ice dye
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Giro Helmets for Every Ride

Giro Helmets

With decades of experience producing helmets and making the technology around your head safer, Giro is one of the leading manufacturers of cycling helmets for every type of riding. Whether you need an aerodynamic helmet for road racing, serious protection for mountain and BMX riding, or simply an all-around helmet for commuting and recreational cycling, Giro has a helmet for you.

Giro Helmet Technology

Before diving into Giro’s helmet lineup, it’s important to understand some of the different technologies that Giro uses to protect your noggin.

EPS Liners

The standard protection that Giro includes in every cycling helmet is an EPS foam liner. This moulded foam is designed to crumple during impact, reducing the force that actually reaches your head. On Giro’s road cycling helmets, you’ll find in-mould construction that fuses the EPS liner with the hard polycarbonate outer shell. This provides better ventilation for Giro helmets compared to conventional road cycling helmets, as well as reduces the weight sitting on top of your head.

Multi-impact Protection System (MIPS)

MIPS is the latest and most protective helmet technology on the market, and Giro now offers a number of road cycling and mountain biking helmets with MIPS integration. These helmets still have Giro’s standard EPS lining, but include an internal cage system that reduces rotational forces during a crash that are known to cause concussions. MIPS helmets are more expensive than conventional helmets, but the added protection in the event of an impact is worth it for many riders.

Giro Road Cycling Helmets

Giro’s lineup of road cycling helmets is designed with ventilation, aerodynamics, and comfort in mind. Most of Giro’s road helmets feature in-mould construction that make them lighter and cooler than competing helmets, while smooth lines and aggressive curvature minimise the wind resistance you’ll experience while riding. Giro also produces helmets that are specifically designed to maximise aerodynamics, tailored for road racers and triathletes. Many of these helmets are constructed from carbon fibre to eliminate weight and friction, and come with integrated sun visors to keep even your face as aero as possible.

Giro Mountain Biking Helmets

Giro mountain biking helmets bear a lot of resemblance to the company’s road helmets, but offer slightly less ventilation in favour of greater coverage around the sides and back of your head. Most Giro mountain biking helmets come with integrated visors to protect your eyes from branches hanging over the trail, as well as reflectors to help you be seen when riding past sunset. Giro also produces a line of full-face helmets, which are ideal for aggressive downhill mountain bikers, BMX riders, and dirt bikers. These helmets offer extended visors for additional protection, although ventilation on hot riding days can be more problematic than with a standard mountain biking helmet.

Children’s Bike Helmets

Giro understands that today’s kids are tomorrow’s generation of pro cyclists, which is why the company produces all of its helmet styles in kids sizes as well as adult sizes. There are options for road and mountain cycling helmets, BMX and dirt helmets, and even models that have integrated new MIPS technology for added protection.

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