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Designed with passion, refined by the best riders in the biggest races and rooted in heritage. Since 1976, Etxeondo has delivered meticulously crafted, high-performance cycling clothing. Today, their obsession with quality and innovation means the company remains the trusted choice of riders everywhere.


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Etxeondo cycle clothing: bib shorts & more

Spanish company Etxeondo is a preeminent brand in sportswear for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, known for its attention to detail, superior quality and specialist design. Whether you are hitting the mountain, the open road or commuting through the city, you can rely on Etxeondo cycling clothing, with its meticulous craftsmanship and stylish designs, to keep you protected from the elements, while helping you maximise your performance.

Etxeondo bibshorts

Etxeondo, supporting cyclists since 1976

Etxeondo’s founder Francisco Rodrigo began the brand’s story in a small workshop in northern Spain in a town called Etxeondo, near the city of San Sebastian in the Basque Country region. He started his career working for haute couture clothing designers such as Balenciaga and Dior before his passion for sports led him to focus on the development of high-quality sportswear. In 1976, he decided to concentrate on cycling clothes because of his deep love of the sport. This love for the sport, coupled with an obsession for producing products of the highest quality, perfects every garment and accessory produced by the Etxeondo brand.

To this day Etxeondo continues as a family business, with each item designed locally in Irura and manufactured at its factory in Navarra. Its garments have been worn by some of the world’s greatest cyclists, including Ángel Arroyo, Miguel Indurain, Sean Kelly, Pedro Delgado, Roberto Laiseka and John Degenkolb at events as prestigious as the Tour de France, the Paris-Roubaix and the Vuelta España.

All of Etxeondo’s products are made from the most technologically advanced materials, feature groundbreaking designs and are innovated for athletes of a professional level. Therefore, they are all intended to perform at their best even under the most extreme conditions, making them just as suitable for professional athletes as for hobby cyclists. The Etxeondo brand is available worldwide.

Etxeondo is synonymous with attention to detail and extraordinary quality

On the website, you will find a comprehensive selection of Etxeondo cycle clothing and accessories for men and women, always crafted with industry leading materials and the latest sportswear technologies. Choose from products including:

  • Soft shell windstoppers that offer a high level of comfort while keeping you warm, protected and the body dry, no matter the weather conditions. Available in a range of stylish colours.
  • Etxeondo bib shorts and tights, made from lightweight fabrics such as Ketaren, which provides a good level of comfort and warmth, while remaining breathable and enhancing freedom of movement.
  • Cycling vests, which keep you protected in an array of different weather conditions, ensuring total wind protection while staying breathable.
  • Durable and breathable lycra cycling shorts that are resistant to wear and tear and fit the body like a glove.
  • Close-fitting jerseys with reflective details in a choice of bright colours, essential for your safety in situations with poor visibility.
  • Culottes that are highly resistant and close-fitting, soft to the touch, breathable and cut for optimised freedom of movement.
  • Clothing accessories such as caps, gloves, socks, arm and leg warmers, characterised by extreme breathability and lightness, while keeping your temperature regulated.