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From sporty entry-level models to professional high-end competition machines, Haibike produces a bike for every rider. The company is also renowned for its impressive range of high-performance e-bikes.

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Haibike Electric Bikes for Racing and Touring


Haibike is best known in the mountain biking community for the company’s high-end racing bikes, but Haibike has more recently led the pack in innovation when it comes to combining mountain and touring bikes with electric assist motors. While Haibike’s frames and components offer smooth rides for beginners and professionals alike, the addition of e-assist features to tried and true frame styles makes for a truly unique riding experience.

XDURO vs. SDURO Electric Bikes

Haibike offers two different styles of electric bikes – the XDURO (“extreme”) line and the SDURO (“sporty”) line. XDURO bikes are the ultimate e-assist mountain and touring bikes, built for serious riders who want to push the boundaries of their physical strength, the bike itself, and the e-assist motor. The SDURO bikes still offer excellent performance, but they feature more accessible frame designs and are generally less expensive for beginners and hobbyist riders. Haibike builds their e-assist systems with both Bosch and Yamaha motors. Plus, you’ll find an integrated LCD screen on the handlebars of every electric Haibike ride to allow you to control the e-assist functionality and monitor your battery life. In both styles of bike, Haibike is careful not to let the e-assist motor outshine the rider. Haibike’s mountain bikes are designed to let riders push their limits, using the electric assist to go farther, longer, and faster.

Haibike Electric Bikes

Haibike has a long tradition of producing non-electric mountain and touring bikes, and the company brings that expertise in design to its e-assist bikes. Currently, Haibike focuses on e-assist hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes and cross-country hybrid touring bikes.

Haibike Electric Hardtail Mountain Bikes

All of Haibike’s e-assist hardtail mountain bikes fall into the company’s SDURO line, since these bikes are designed to be affordable and beginner-friendly. That said, these bikes can perform. Haibike’s hardtail frames are fast and agile to allow you to move quickly over rolling terrain. A shock-resistant skid plate protects the e-assist motor from damage, while shocks with up to 120 mm of travel ensure that your ride is smooth and comfortable.

Haibike Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Haibike electric full suspension mountain bikes fall into both the SDURO and XDURO lines, differing in everything from frame material to wheel size to battery range. These bikes are designed for long, challenging days in the mountains, with plenty of shock absorption to dampen big descents and major obstacles. The motor on Haibike full suspension mountain bikes is integrated into the frame to keep it secure and to reduce aerodynamic drag. Plus, a rocker and damper mount help to protect the e-assist motor from drops, so you can focus on riding rather than worrying about keeping your bike safe along the way.

Haibike Electric Touring Bikes

Haibike SDURO e-assist touring bikes adopt hybrid road and mountain frames to let them ride the widest variety of terrain. These bikes come with a powerful Bosch motor that won’t struggle even when the bike is weighted down with touring gear, and some models even have integrated lighting to allow you to start your ride before dawn or continue after dark.

Haibike Electric Bikes at

Most bike shops only carry a small selection of Haibike e-assist mountain and touring bikes. But here at, we have hundreds of Haibike e-assist models in both the SDURO and XDURO lines to match any style of riding. Plus, we offer free shipping and 100-day returns on all Haibike bikes.

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