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Knog Oi

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Knog Oi

The brand Knog has been producing products that have been flashing and brightening the globe. Also the brand is proud Australian design company that was started in 2002. The have their headquarteres in Melbourne, but have been all around the world.

Hugo Davidson (designer) and Mal McKechnie (engineer) began working together before Knog. They've always had the same goal in mind: to create products that aren't dull. So, Knog creates creative products that encourage individuals to discover the spectacular views on two wheels or on foot.

knog oi bike bells

Bike bells, in general, appear and sound unappealing. But why is that? What if they looked gorgeous and sounded like an archangel creating soothing melody?

That is exactly what the Knog Oi provides!

The bells are designed to suit practically all cylindrical bars. The Large Oi is suitable for bar diameters ranging from 23.8mm to 31.8mm.The Oi is also compatible with any aero bar with a 16 mm cylindrical shape (usually near the stem).

Cable management: A cable management system is incorporated into the form of the Oi mount. So it not only keeps the bell looking and sounding good, but it also helps you gather your cords (for the organiser inside us all).

Bike attachments: Nylon clamp with hex screw for attaching bell to bike. How about putting it up on the bar? Simply slip it over, tighten it up, and you're ready to go. There will be no sliding down the handlebars or disassembly and reassembling.

Knog Oi big - suitable for diameters ranging from 23.8 to 31.8 mm

What makes Knog oi bells different?

Until the innovative Oi bike bell came in 2016, the bicycle bell stayed basically unchanged. A bike bell with exquisite style and tone, designed to reflect the personality of the rider.

  • The handle bar is where the Oi bell gets its shape. Whereas other bells extend up or out, Oi does not. It appears to be hovering around the handlebars. In some ways, it's unobtrusive. However, in another, it is unrecognizable.
  • What about the cables on the handlebars? Not to worry. A cable management system is into the design of the mount. So it not only keeps the bell looking and sounding good, but it also assists you gather your cords (for the organiser inside us all).
  • The striking of the bell is strong and rapid, thanks to a spring-loaded actuator integrated into the mount, providing for a good balance of volume and sound longevity. To ensure that the bell is distinct and securely heard, it contains many pitch tones - one core and numerous additional upper tones.