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Lapierre: bikes for every rider
Founded in 1946 in France, this traditional company quickly earned a first-class reputation thanks to its innovative and high-quality mountain and racing bikes, which even professional athletes trust. City bikes, fitness bikes, gravel bikes and e-bikes are also included in the brand's portfolio. Lapierre bikes offer quality bikes for every discipline.


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Lapierre Bikes

Lapierre has been around since 1946, so the famous bicycle producer turns 75 this year! All this time, Lapierre has been known for quality products. Lapierre started out as a bike manufacturer for the average person, and in addition to those versatile bikes, over the last 30 years it has also branched out into the professional and competitive parts of the bike community. Lapierre is now a quality brand provider of bikes to all sorts of cyclists. Lapierre bikes have impressive geometry, and the tools for use are very well-integrated into the bike. Let's check it out!

Lapierre Bikes

The Bike and the Ride

At first glance, you will notice the shape of the bike. It has a clean and straight look. The bike has either 27.5" or 29" wheels, to fit your body size and weight. The points of contact are adapted to fit the rider of the bike. The frame size is tailored as well, so you can find the bike that will fit you perfectly, ensuring optimized size and fit for any rider. Depending on the model, you can find a handy bottle boss on the frame, which has space enough for tools and a tube as well. The suspension is made using high-quality materials from well-known manufacturers such as RockShox. The same goes for the wheels, of which DT Swiss is a renowned provider. SRAM RSC brakes ensure powerful braking with just the right amount of pressure. The tyres have a generally slow roll speed, so this is not the bike you should choose for a speed race such as Tour de France. This can also make it a little tough to get up hills, but Lapierre Electric Bikes take care of any uncomfortable experiences you might have while climbing those trails to your favourite destinations. Cruising downward is an altogether different experience and is where the bikes from Lapierre really shine. You will feel the weight distributed evenly and in a balanced way on the bike. The centre of gravity is low, so the handling is smooth and effortless, and it responds well to every move. The steering with Lapierre Mountain Bikes is precise, even at higher speeds. This provides the rider with a safe experience that invites them to extend the borders of where they might go, since the feeling of trusting your bike is there. The suspension is tailored to give you the right amount of support and to avoid those rough bumpy bounces in not-so-friendly terrain, and the compressions feel plush and comfortable.


Lapierre have a great array of bikes tailored to fit any cycling enthusiast, from touring bikers to road users . The low-key competitor who wishes to reach far and wide will enjoy a Lapierre bike, with or without the electric components. Note that the electric bikes will have a higher weight, and it will therefore be more of a challenge for the user when facing certain different environments, such as long trips where batteries might run out. The very best thing about the design of Lapierre's bikes is their stability and balance. This makes the bikes a great fit for any user, as they feel safe and manoeuvrable in any situation or terrain. The handling feels easy since the suspension is balanced and gives a smooth ride even on the bumpiest trails.

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