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Lupine Lighting Systems - We are the Light
Lupine Lighting Systems - We are the Light
Lupine Lighting Systems hails from the Upper Palatinate and has stood for German quality for over 20 years. All products are designed and produced exclusively in Germany. The majority of individual components are also manufactured in Europe in order to meet the highest demands of quality, performance and durability.


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Lupine Lighting Systems

Lupine headlamps and helmet lamps are exclusively manufactured in Germany. Each component must meet Lupine's standards for high-quality performance and durability, and this is what makes Lupine helmet lamps a popular pick among cyclists.

Lupine helmet lamps

Lupine Innovation

Lupine has always stood at the cutting edge of technology. It was one of the first companies to completely make the switch from halogen lamps to LEDs. By looking for the latest innovations, Lupine helmet lamps and headlamps are created to offer the best performance whenever possible. Getting this performance means more than providing the brightest light. Lupine headlamps and are manufactured with a view to providing a variety of lighting options that suit the user. Lupine helmet lamps are supposed to be worn by people taking part in a wide variety of activities and must offer the perfect illumination in any situation.

Lupine Lenses

The lenses used in Lupine headlamps are not built remotely as standard components. Instead, Lupine helmet lamps feature optics manufactured in-house. This allows the company to guarantee that all of the light that shines from Lupine helmet lamps will be pointed exactly where the wearer needs it to be. Lupine headlamps and helmet lamps use a specialised array of matched lenses to focus the light and optimally illuminate both the distance and anything close to the wearer. The lenses used in Lupine helmet lamps and headlamps are made from high-quality, pure polycarbonate which minimises loss. Each lens is manufactured to an accuracy of within a few micrometres. This means that the lenses used in Lupine headlamps and helmet lamps are of such a high quality that they are used as a standard reference by other manufacturers.

Lupine Versatility

Versatility is one of the most important features in the creation of Lupine helmet lamps and headlamps. Cyclists of every variety can enjoy the benefits of attaching Lupine headlamps to their handlebars or helmet to find the optimum lighting solution. Lupine helmet lamps can be easily moved back forth thanks to the 3M Dual Lock system which allows Lupine headlamps to be attached easily to almost any smooth surface. Lupine offers a variety of batteries to power their lighting products and they are completely interchangeable. Lupine is a company that believes in sustainability which is why every battery is compatible with every cable and all of the Lupine headlamps and helmet lamps.

Lupine Lights last for Yeats

Lupine headlamps and helmet lamps are designed to last for years. Any Lupine helmet lamps and Lupine headlamps are manufactured with the expectation of a minimum 10-year lifespan. As part of the company's pledge to look after the environment, Lupine helmet lamps and headlamps are manufactured without the use of permanent adhesives. This means that Lupine products can be disassembled, repaired and reassembled easily in the event of a fault. Instead of designing products to be thrown away, Lupine creates sustainable lighting solutions that are designed to last.