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Fall / Winter 2021

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Who would’ve thought the cycling boom that started in 2020 would still be going? And how sad would it be to lose that momentum now, just because the sun isn’t shining as much? ‘Just keep cycling’ is our motto – maybe you’ll need a slightly thicker jacket, but you’ll be fitter, happier, and more flexible than with any other means of transport. Let the Bikester magazine show you how it works!

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Gravel Fondo

Just keep going

Warmly recommended: cycling in cold weather
It might be uncomfortable, but you don’t need superpowers to ride your bike in autumn and winter. Ordinary people reveal why they’re still cycling and their tricks to arrive at their destinations warm and dry.

Stockholm MTB pride

Endless single track in every direction
There’s probably no other city where you can find such great terrain for all kinds of mountain biking as in Stockholm. No matter which direction you look, endless single track awaits you!


Easy mountain biking for everyone

Scottish trail centres show how easy it is
Scottish trail centres show that mountain biking doesn’t have to be an exclusive sport for daredevils looking for danger. There are trails for all levels – and a shower and slice of cake after the ride. This is how you get more people on mountain bikes!

Five years of Gravel Fondo

The best ideas are born at the coffee machine
The Gravel Fondo was born from a chat at the coffee machine and is now in its fifth year. Time to take stock: how does such an event work in a pandemic and what’s the plan for 2022?

Gravel Fondo

Randonneur Revival

Of brevets, dynamos and desserts
‘Randonneurs’ are road bikes for really long rides. That means wider tyres, dynamo lights and room for racks and bags. Are gravel bikes, where comfort and suitability for everyday use are paramount, just the new randonneurs?

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