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OatBar 20 x 50g Salty Almond

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  • Salty Almond
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    Salty Almond
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Description of the

Nutrixxion OatBar 20 x 50g Salty Almond

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NUTRIXXION energy bars are energy-rich fruit or oatmeal bars with a special carbohydrate mixture and vitamins. Basically, energy bars are used to fill your energy stores before exercise and to give energy back to the body during exercise. The right ratio between poly- and monosaccharides is crucial. In addition to the ingredients, there are other characteristics that make a good energy bar. The decisive factors here are consistency and tolerance. In the case of NUTRIXXION energy bars, for example, a mixture of fruits and cereals ensures a soft and easily chewable consistency and high stomach tolerance. Last but not least, the taste is also important when choosing the right energy bar. That's why the bars come in a wide variety of delicious flavours, from fruity to slightly salty. So there is something for every taste.

NUTRIXXION energy bars are primarily suitable for consumption before and during exercise. It is not generally possible to say how many bars you should eat. Nutriccion generally recommends: 1 bar approx. one hour before exercise. During exercise, the body can absorb between 60g and 90g of carbohydrates per hour. An energy bar contains about 35g on average. Depending on the intensity of your workout, your fitness level and the weather conditions, you should decide for yourself how much of the carbohydrates you need by consuming energy bars.

The body needs energy for every form of physical exertion. How much depends on the intensity, of course. So consuming energy bars makes sense not only for endurance athletes. Whether you're playing a long tennis match, hiking in the mountains, on the green or downhill - having an energy bar in your pocket, whether as a handy snack in between or as a compact energy supplier, can never be a mistake.


  • Balanced mixture of carbohydrates
  • Extremely soft and juicy consistency
  • Very good compatibility
  • Natural flavour
  • No artificial colours and flavours


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Main Information
product type:
Energy bar
Nutrition form:
carbohydrates, vitamins / minerals
Time Of Use:
before, during
Scope of Delivery
20 x 50 g Nutrixxion OatBar Salty Almond
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Nutrixxion OatBar 20 x 50g Chocolate
Translated from the German To the original
Great taste. Not that pushy and easy to chew.
Nutrixxion OatBar 20 x 50g Salty Almond
Translated from the German To the original
Super. Chocolate not as a glaze but processed in a bar. Not obtrusive in taste. Really recommend.