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P.A.C. Brand: Your Ideal Partner for Quality Sports Clothes

P.A.C. is one of the few successful medium-sized companies located in Germany. The word P.A.C. stands for Protective Accessory Company. The company has over 20 years' experience in producing quality materials for its customers. At this time, P.A.C. is headquartered at Schweinfurt, Germany.

P.A.C. socks

What Categories of Products Does P.A.C. Offer?

P.A.C. separates its products into three categories which are:

  • A.C. winter
  • A.C. summer
  • A.C. socks

If you want P.A.C headwear , or P.A.C socks, you can get some, and they are multifunctional, making them suitable for; sports activities, work-life, fashion, and leisure.

What Features Distinguish P.A.C. Products?

P.A.C.'s headwear, P.A.C socks, and other P.A.C. products are given special attention to ensure only quality is offered. Some of the features unique to the P.A.C. products include;

  • 100% Thin Microfiber
  • The thin microfiber makes its products beneficial to the skin, and the P.A.C socks feel soft on the skin. Microfiber is thinner than polyester; hence the P.A.C headwear , and P.A.C socks are lighter, and do not weigh down like the polyester-made products.

    Another benefit of the thin microfiber is the unique attribute of thermoregulation. The fact that the microfiber is thin makes it easy for the sweat, and moisture to be lost to the atmosphere. The P.A.C socks, and P.A.C headwear have the above special attributions that you should not miss.

  • Seamless-stretch
  • The P.A.C headwear is made by seamless processing, meaning you can wear the cloth over the entire head, and still not get any pressure marks. If you have headwear, and socks that leave pressure marks on your skin, try the P.A.C headwear, and P.A.C socks. The P.A.C. knitting process ensures that the clothes are stretchable, and not wear out.

  • Odor Control
  • The P.A.C headwear , and P.A.C socks are specially designed for outdoor activities, and another exciting feature of the clothes is odor control. The company achieves this by using harmless ecological material for manufacturing their clothes. Choose P.A.C headwear , P.A.C socks if you do not want to experience foul odors.

  • UV-protection
  • The P.A.C headwear has a high U.V. protection to protect the head area from the adverse effects of U.V. rays, and sunburns. The U.V.-protection feature makes the P.A.C headwear , and P.A.C socks ideal for hot summer months.

  • Quality Assurance
  • The P.A.C. products make contact with the skin, and therefore the need to be assured of quality. P.A.C. ensures that it follows all Germany standards when producing their products. P.A.C headwear , and P.A.C socks are made free from all the 100 substances that may harm the human body.