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Maxxis Tyres for Performance Riding

Maxxis Tyres

Maxxis is known by cyclists around the world for producing dependable, high-quality tyres. Maxxis tyres are frequently used by professional cyclists looking to get an edge over their competition, as well as recreational road and mountain bikers in need of a tyre that can blend speed and durability. For mountain bikers especially, Maxxis’s drive towards innovation has paid off big dividends. Maxxis is frequently introducing tyres with new tread patterns and construction designs that have allowed mountain bikers to ride more comfortably, faster, and with fewer issues on rough trails. If you’re looking to upgrade your tyres to get more speed and fewer flats, Maxxis has a tyre for you.

Maxxis Tyre Technology

Maxxis has a huge variety of tyres for everything from road and mountain bikes to e-bikes to touring and commuting bikes to BMX bikes and fat bikes. However, that diversity can make it difficult to know which tyre is right for your riding style. By understanding the construction technology that Maxxis uses, it’s easy to find the right set of tyres for your bike.

Clincher, Folding, and Tubeless Tyres

Maxxis produces clincher, folding, and tubeless tyres for road cycling and mountain biking. Clincher and folding tyres operate similarly and require an internal tube to ride on. The main difference is that clincher tyres have a metal wire bead to provide extra strength, whereas folding tyres have a Kevlar bead to reduce weight and increase portability off the wheel. Tubeless wheels and tyres are growing in popularity on road and mountain bikes alike. Maxxis tubeless tyres lock securely to the wheel rim, eliminating the need for an internal tube. That allows riders to inflate their tyres to lower pressures, which means more comfort and traction when riding on trails and less rolling resistance when riding on roads.

Puncture Resistance

Maxxis offers a range of puncture resistant tyres for both road and mountain bikes, using a number of different reinforcement technologies depending on the application. In Maxxis puncture resistant road tyres, you’ll find Silkworm material – a thin but strong fabric – Kevlar, Vectran, or a combination of all three to prevent your tyre or tube from flatting. Maxxis mountain bike tyres with puncture resistance use EXO fabric, which offers greater strength than Silkworm and can be placed against tyre sidewalls to resist cuts from rocks and branches along the trail.

Rubber Compounds

Maxxis also experiments with the rubber combinations the company uses in its mountain bike tyres. In mountain bike tyres, you’ll find 3C Maxxspeed, 3C Maxxterra, or 3C Maxxgrip. 3C Maxxspeed offers the most bounce and speed for enduro riders, while 3C Maxxgrip is the softest of these three rubber materials and provides the most traction for aggressive downhill rides. For cross country riders, 3C Maxxterra rubber offers a middle ground.

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