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Moab Rain Suit
"With the Vaude Moab Rain Suit you’re more than ready for muddy battles."
Bastian, Editor
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Vaude Moab Rain Suit


For rainy bike days & inevitable mud-slinging

The weather’s just one of those things. Even the biggest outdoor fans like it sunny and warm – and most mountain bikers aren’t an exception. However, those who accept the weather forecast as their master will miss out on a lot. That’s the opinion of our writer and MTB expert Bastian. He claims that as long as it’s not too cold, he’ll take a wet and slightly muddy trail over a dry one any day. So, with this attitude and a love for unique equipment in mind, he made the perfect candidate for testing out the Vaude overall.

‘Sure, I’ll test the Vaude rain suit’ I thought. ‘This’ll be fun’. Thanks to my cockiness, the short-sleeve rain overall was already waiting for me on my desk soon after agreeing. For years I’ve used 3/4 rain paints to keep my butt dry during cold and rainy days, but when you’re faced with double-digit freezing temperatures and a complete absence of rain, thermals are your only option. So unfortunately, the rain suit sat unused and unloved up until just recently, when the thaw finally hit.

First Impressions

Because I had more than enough time to try the rainsuit on before actually using it, here’s a few words on its material and fit. The Vaude Moab Overall is made from perfectly glued Clepex Green Membrane. This same membrane is also used for a lot of Vaude’s rain jackets and is permanently waterproof, draught-proof and breathable. The material works without PTFE and contains at least 15% recycled and renewable material instead of polyurethane. With a water column of at least 15.000 mm you can relax – even if there’s a high chance of long and heavy rainfall.

The overalls also contain S.Café: a high-tech fibre created in a patented process from converted coffee grounds. Vaude describes this fabric as quick-drying, odour-retardant and UV-resistant. A long, vertical zipper ensures easy entry and exit. The sealed two-way zipper can be used to adjust levels of ventilation while riding. Vaude has deliberately dispensed with further ventilation openings in favour of a smaller pack size. The large left chest pocket offers the only storage space on the overall, is easy to use and also waterproof. On the hips, two simple Velcro straps can be used to quickly and easily adjust the fit. At just under 1.80 m tall, I fell right between the size recommendations for M and L. I opted for the larger version because I have a longer upper body. As you either know or can imagine, if an overall is too short in the torso it quickly becomes unpleasant – no matter what other kinds of advantages it offers.

The Trail Test

Choosing the bigger size meant a comfy fit on the larger side. The sleeves covered my elbows and the legs fell below my knees – so there would be enough space to wear protectors underneath. In my opinion it’s the perfect bad-weather-weekend-saver for bike park users – although Vaude imagine it more as an alternative rain jacket to save you from unexpected downpours. This overall gives you better mobility and all-round protection than the usual rain suit offerings and of course, it also keeps your short-sleeve, short-leg bike togs clean. However, for me there are too few ventilation options to make this suit a permanent feature for longer tours. Yes you gain all-around protection against rain, but with this comes heat buildup around your upper body – especially whilst wearing a backpack or hip pack. I always used the Vaude suit when I left for short but rainy bike trails. Minitool, pump and keys all fit perfectly into my jersey underneath the suit. Your phone is light enough to fit into the pocket of the rain suit without getting wet.


This makes it easy to fit in one or two post-work hours riding around your local dark and rainy woods. Without this short sleeve rain suit you’d probably stay at home, but the Vaude overall inspires you to get out there and enjoy the muddy trails, given that you aren’t afraid to get dirty.


Even though it’s a small window of opportunity where the overall is super useful, when the conditions are right it’s able to display its fair share of potential. The weather shouldn’t be too warm but also not too cold – and most importantly – it should be wet. When heavy rainfalls turn your usual routes into muddy playgrounds, this overall spares you from the unnecessary hanging around; waiting for the rainbow. By the time the sun is back out again, you’re already at the start of the trail. It’s going to get dirty, that’s for sure. But the rain suit makes sure you stay dry. Your only task then is to find the perfect route through the mud. Enjoy!

Vaude produces incredibly reliable outdoor products for mountain fans and bikers. Their focus lies on great quality and eco-friendly production methods. That’s why since 2001, they’ve worked under the strict environmental rules of the bluesign® system. With their Moab-Line, Vaude caters for the needs of ambitious mountain bikers looking to nail the perfect ride on mountain singletrack. The Vaude Moab series offers a variety of products; including matching backpacks, bike shoes, casual biking shorts and of course, a lot of very useful rain protection gear.


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