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Kid plus for 2 Bike Trailer
"Great solution for family transport & city trips!"
Kasia, Editor
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CROOZER Kid plus for 2 Bike Trailer



Today’s parents are really lucky. Although raising a little human is quite the challenge (to say the least!), manufacturers across all industries are doing everything they can to help: producing technically advanced, functional gear that makes parents lives much easier and more comfortable. Our Polish Editor Kasia is part of our Berlin Editorial Team – and mother to 4-year old Maria and 5-year old Zofia. Juggling a full-time job in the city with taking care of her young family, she really appreciates a time-saving, problem-solving product when she sees one! Kasia kindly volunteered to test Croozer’s latest 3-in-1 bike trailer for us and we were confident that she (and her little girls) would more than put it through its paces.

I moved to Berlin with my husband and two young children 8 months ago. We moved from a small town in Poland and immediately faced the challenges of working and living in a metropolis. My daughters are still little, so covering longer distances on foot is quite difficult for them. But, on the other hand they are big enough to do fun stuff with us – like sightseeing, picnicking in the park, eating out etc. That’s why I was very happy to test this promising 3-in-1 trailer from Croozer: the Kid Plus for 2.



I really couldn’t wait to test the Croozer trailer. When it arrived and I unpacked it I was immediately amazed by the high quality of the components and the simple organisation of all the different elements (packed separately for each set-up: jogger, trailer and buggy).


Assembly was super-easy: no tools were needed. You just unfold the main frame, click-in the wheels and front bumper and it’s ready! However, tools were needed when it came to attaching the trailer coupling to the rear wheel of the bike in order to prepare it for towing. I really liked the ultra-secure attachment set-up: first the coupling, then an additional loop and finally a super-safe key lock! Once we assembled it and installed the wheels we could admire the whole construction. It looked solid and robust – but at the same time – light and flexible. The broad bumper at the front, innovative air suspension system and the sensor light installed in the handle all promised a smooth and safe ride. Our girls immediately hopped inside and we could see for ourselves that the interior was very spacious and comfy, even for two pre-schoolers.


One of the best features of this product is its versatility: it can be used as a bike trailer, a buggy or a jogger! Since our runs are sacred “me” time for my husband and I we only tested the first two set-ups:


We used the Kid Plus for 2 as a bike trailer several times, including for a short trip around the city and for a picnic in a favourite park. Even though the trailer looks really robust and solid, it‘s extremely light and easy to tow by bike. You can easily manoeuvre the bike and thanks to the innovative Croozer AirPad suspension system it rides surprisingly smooth. It didn’t even rock when we passed over bumpy surfaces or at higher speeds.
This innovative and brilliant technology is extremely functional. It ensures a great riding experience and automatically adapts to the load of the trailer so you don’t need to make any adjustments on your own.

On top of the wide bumper and super-secure key-based attachment to the bike, the trailer’s many safety features also include a secure harness, orange Croozer flag and side sensor lights. Knowing that my children weren’t just comfortable but also safe inside the trailer, meant that I could really focus on (and enjoy) riding my bike. Plus, the girls had so much fun riding in the trailer. At one point I felt a bit like their slave as they gleefully shouted ‘Faster! Faster!’ at me. Another of the highlights I’m sure parents will love is the spacious cargo space on the back. It’s perfect for storing everything you need for a nice day out: like a picnic blanket, ball, snacks and beverages, books and toys. It’s also just the thing for groceries!


We also used the Kid Plus for 2 as a buggy a few times; mostly when we wanted to go on day-long sightseeing trips exploring the city with our friends. It was great for when we wanted to speed things up a little bit or when the kids got tired. The buggy meant that we could enjoy a whole day out and be prepared for most child-related emergencies such as: “I’m hungry…”, “I’m thirsty…”, “I’m cold…”, “Where’s my toy horse…” etc.
Unfortunately, in this set-up the Croozer’s front wheel sometimes got blocked and was hard to manoeuvre. So, that’s something the brand could definitely try to improve. Also, you need to remember that the trailer in this Plus for 2 version is very broad – meaning that sometimes we couldn’t even fit into an S-Bahn elevator. This was also a bit of a problem for us at points.



Overall, Croozer’s Kid Plus for 2 bike trailer is a top-class, super-functional and secure solution for parents looking to improve their daily transport options or simply spend active, quality time with their children. Reliability, safety and flexibility are its best qualities. If your children are already too big for a classic buggy but still a bit too small to cope with fast-paced or longer-distance excursions this may be a great solution for you. Just make sure you have enough room to store it as it’s pretty bulky. All in all, my family and I had a great time testing it (the kids especially of course!) and I’m already looking forward to our next trip out with the Croozer Kids Plus for 2.

CROOZER: The bicycle trailer

Riders looking to travel with children, pets or cargo need look no further than our range of Croozer’s quality bike trailers and accessories. The company’s convenient transport solutions make light work of heavy goods and come with multi-functional capabilities to meet the challenges of everyday life. Croozer’s systems are safe and have been considered down to the smallest detail.


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