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Puky: High-safety design, child-friendly style
Puky: High-safety design, child-friendly style
Parents who are thinking about buying a balance bike for their child quickly come across the Puky brand. The Puky kid's bike is the first choice for many – thanks to its excellent quality, careful planning and consideration of all safety measures. For more than 60 years, Puky has been working on the design of high-quality children's bicycles. Since safety factors are one of the most important focuses for Puky products, all vehicles are tested and tested again – beyond the current standard guidelines – before selling. Of course, these products must also delight children, so they are also designed to appeal to young ones with their trendy, child-friendly designs.


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Puky bicycles and children’s vehicles

With a Puky bicycle, inspire your little ones to enjoy a lifelong relationship with the saddle. From Puky learner bikes and tricycles that are intended to prepare your toddler for two-wheeled bikes, to perfectly proportioned push bikes, scooters and other transportation devices for children of all ages, Puky designs and developments continue to be at the forefront of children’s vehicles. Each product by Puky is engineered from high-quality parts that feature attractive and trendy designs that your children will love, while the company’s stringent safety standards give parents added confidence too.

Puky bicycle

Different by tradition

Puky is a Germany-based company with over 60 years of experience in the development, production and sale of children’s bicycles. The company is made up of around 100 employees and strives to cultivate a diverse workforce. In 1949, it began by producing scooters in Dusseldorf and shortly after started to manufacture children’s bicycles. In a market that is often subjected to “wear and tear”, Puky bicycles have a longstanding reputation for consistently maintaining their distinctive craftsmanship, as well as representing safety in children’s vehicles. The testing of their products goes far beyond current standard guidelines. All Puky’s vehicles are developed and manufactured in Germany and come with an extended replacement part guarantee.

Puky’s range of bicycles is influenced by adult bicycle designs. One of the brand’s key missions is focused on encouraging children to lead more active lives and pursue outdoor hobbies. Partnering with leading experts in their field including paediatricians, exercise therapists, nurseries and schools, Puky is able to maintain its reputation for quality products. The brand is known for producing scooters, learner bikes, unicycles, go-carts, tricycles and accessories, children’s and youngster’s bikes as well as replacement parts for almost any part of the bicycle.

High-safety design, child-friendly style

Let your child’s imagination run wild by introducing them to the excitement and joy of two wheels. Children love the adventure of cycling and once they learn how to cycle, it will lead them down a road of entertainment, fun and inspiration. No matter what stage your child is at, on the website, you will find a wide selection of Puky bicycles and children’s vehicles, such as scooters and go-carts, as well as bike helmets, toys, bike baskets and replaceable parts.

With Puky bicycles, you can make the world around your little ones more active, more exciting and embolden them to interact with the environment around them. Many of the bike models are fitted with adjustable seats, meaning your child can grow into the bike as they get older, and thanks to their long-term durability, you’ll be able to pass it on to a sibling too. Furthermore, should a product break – no problem! You can get hold of almost any spare part needed to fix it – just like with any other regular bike. On the website, you’ll find a comprehensive range to choose from in Puky’s popular product line.