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Responsible shopping

Trying to find cycling clothing produced in a more responsible way? Or maybe you want to know how to extend the life of your components? If so, this page contains a handy range of tools you can use to help.

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Sustainability certificates

Spotted a sustainability certificate on a cycling product? In an increasingly 'greenwashed' world, it can be difficult to work out which claims you can trust. So, we've decoded some of the most common for you.

These globally-recognised standards all focus on product-related environmental, animal welfare or social benefits. And reassuringly, they're all third-party certified too.

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GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard

Got GOTS? The Global Organic Textile Standard is (unsurprisingly) a globally-recognised standard for organic textiles.

The standard carefully measures the production of organic materials against environmental and social criteria (everything from the chemicals used in dyes to the treatment of workers). This allows you to choose organic products sourced from more responsible supply chains.

There are two GOTS labels. Products labelled ‘organic’ contain over 95% organic fibres. Products made with 'organic materials’ are at least 70% organic fibre.

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bluesign APPROVED & bluesign PRODUCT

Spied the bluesign logo on something? bluesign is a trusted system that focuses on how textiles, dyes and accessories are produced. It makes the manufacturing process safer for workers, customers and the environment by banning dangerous chemicals at every stage.

For part of a product (e.g. the fabric or an accessory) to be bluesign APPROVED, brands can only use chemicals that meet bluesign’s high standards.

To be a bluesign PRODUCT, a product must contain at least 90% bluesign-APPROVED textiles and 30% bluesign-APPROVED accessories.

Explore our bluesign products here .

RDS: Responsible Down Standard

If you’re shopping for a sleeping bag or jacket that contains down, keep an eye out for the RDS stamp of approval.

This white feather logo means the feathers in your padded product come from birds whose physical and emotional needs have been fully met. Practices such as live plucking and force-feeding are banned.

To reach this standard, farms must meet strict welfare requirements. Reassuringly, the entire process is evaluated: from breeding to feather collection and how the final product is made.

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GRS: Global Recycled Standard

Fans of recycled materials will appreciate the GRS logo. The Global Recycled Standard is the no. 1, universally-recognised certificate for products that contain recycled fibres.

As well as fighting for higher percentages of recycled content in products, the GRS regulates employees’ working conditions and strictly controls the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process.

So, if a product features this logo, it’s been made using at least 50% recycled material, in a way that’s less harmful to people and the environment.

Explore GRS products here .

RWS: Responsible Wool Standard

When you’re searching for wool-based cycling kit, look for the RWS certification. This voluntary standard focuses on the health of the sheep your wool comes from.

To be RWS approved, farms must pass rigorous welfare requirements. The nutritional, physical and emotional needs of each animal must be met and practices such as mulesing are banned.

Farms must also protect the welfare of their workers and manage their land in an environmentally progressive way; protecting soil health and biodiversity.

Discover RWS products here .


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is one of the most famous textile safety and quality certificates in the world.

If you spot STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX label on a product, you can be sure that every part of it – from thread to button – has passed strict tests for substances that are harmful to human health.

Every year, the standard is revised in line with the latest laws and scientific research – so you can have complete confidence in its judgement.

Find STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX products here .

Fair Trade Certified

Fair Trade USA is a non-profit organisation that works with a huge global network of producers, brands and organisations. Its aims? To promote fair business practices; putting people and the planet first.

When you see a product with the Fair Trade Certified seal, be reassured that it meets serious social, environmental, and economic standards.

These include responsible sourcing and purchasing practices, dependable livelihoods and better wages for farmers and labourers, safer working conditions and transparent supply chains.

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Naturally, making more-responsible purchases is about more than just certificates.

There's a variety of factors to think about and choices to make. E.g., how can you best set up components to protect them from avoidable wear and tear? Or, what's the best way to prepare your bike for seasonal challenges? These considerations mean you can avoid replacing equipment for as long as possible.

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