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RockShox Reba RL SA Suspension Fork 26" 15x100mm 130mm Disc 40mm Offset Solo Air gloss black

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Product description

RockShox Reba RL SA Suspension Fork 26" 15x100mm 130mm Disc 40mm Offset Solo Air gloss black (gloss black)

Little riders with big dreams. Until now, a premium fork was tough to find for smaller riders. Hello Reba 26, a fork specifically tuned for lighter riders to simplify the ride experience and allow for a lower pressure range.

Solo Air
Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. Its sleek design allows the positive and negative air chambers of your suspension forks to be filled with air at the same time using only one car valve. So there is a perfect balance between them, like Yin and Yang. For a comfortable and predictable ride, you can adjust the lightest suspension fork on the market in seconds.

SAG Gradients
If you don't adjust your damping properly, you might as well be riding someone else's bike. But why waste plastic clips or rulers to adjust the suspension again and again? These damping markings are printed directly on the fork stanchions and the shock housing for easy and exact adjustment of the perfect suspension. So you can give the plastic clip and ruler back to your mother.

Torque Caps
Torque Caps strengthen the connection between the hub and the fork dropout by increasing the surface area that connects both. This creates a stronger and stiffer interface that provides better feedback and control. This allows you to focus on the most important connection: The one between your bike and the trail.

Motion Control
Imagine riding on the moon. Rolling hills, crushed rock blasted out of craters… craters. There’s no gravity so you wouldn’t even need a chairlift. Unfortunately you can’t ride on the moon. There’s lots of gnarly terrain on earth. But, earth has gravity so you’ll need suspension that climbs as well as it descends. With our Motion Control damper technology you’ll do just that.

Bottomless Tokens
Bottomless Tokens allow you to easily custom tune air-spring performance to best match your riding style and suspension preference. Adding the easy-to-install Bottomless Tokens changes the air-spring curve to resist bottom-out after a big hit, giving aggressive riders the power to attack the trail harder. Removing Bottomless Tokens makes the air-spring curve more linear, enhancing suspension feel for certain types of terrain or trail condition and ensuring riders who are less frontend aggressive benefit from 100% of their fork´s travel.


  • Compatible with brake discs from 180 to 220 mm
  • offset: 40 mm, tyre max. Front hub spacing: 63 mm
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At a glance

Suspension fork travel
Suspension fork travel
130 mm
Wheel Size (in)
Wheel Size (in)
Fork Shaft Diameter
Fork Shaft Diameter
1 1/8, 1,5
Axle diameter
Axle diameter
Front Hub Spacing
Front Hub Spacing
100 mm
Brake Type
Brake Type
Disc (International Standard)


All Mountain / Trail
Adjustable pressure stage
Suspension Fork
Wheel Size (in):
Fork Shaft Diameter:
1 1/8, 1,5
Axle type:
Full-floating axle
Axle diameter:
Front Hub Spacing:
100 mm
Suspension fork travel:
130 mm
Suspension System
Brake Mount
Brake Type:
Disc (International Standard)
Fork Shaft:
Model Year
Article number
Manufacturer article number

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