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Schwalbe Smart Sam - What makes an almost perfect all-rounder even better?
No easy challenge for Schwalbe's senior developer. The result, however, is outstanding. The tread of the Smart Sam is modern and balanced at the same time. The compact central rib provides comfortable rolling; the edged outer lugs guarantee optimized off-road-grip. For this reason Smart Sam is reliable in every condition and even rolls well on roads.​

Schwalbe Smart Sam

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Schwalbe Smart Sam


The bicycle tyre was regarded as an interchangeable mass product. And it was believed it could not be developed upon in the decades following World War II. Also, Cycling re-established itself to be a popular fad in the 1980s, as more and more individuals re-entered the saddle. In this setting, Schwalbe, founded in 1973, rose to prominence as a market leader in bicycle tires. Also, the iconic Schwalbe Marathon tire, with its exceptional mileage, came up in 1983 to great acclaim by avid cyclists, bicycle dealers, and trade writers.

Rise of Scwalbe

Over the years, the biking world has gotten increasingly diversified. New categories, such as MTB, dirt bike, and, finally, e-bike, established entirely new market sectors. And faced hitherto unexpected issues for tires. Against this backdrop, Schwalbe chose to concentrate on the development of novel tires and tubes rather than expanding the company's activities into the technically distinct vehicle tire market. This plan came out to be perfectly correct: when Schwalbe came up with first off-road tires in the mid-1990s, the company swiftly became one of the greatest brand amid mountain bikers. So, today, plenty of MTB riders around the world swear by Schwalbe MTB tyres.

Schwalbe smart sam tyres

The smart sam tyres are all in one. These are an outstanding perennial favorite with exceptional all-around qualities. For MTB riders that switch between road and offroad terrain regularly.

It has deep center lugs of the new, characteristic off-road tread pattern ensure pleasant rolling with minimal vibration and long durability. Also, edged outer blocks provide both safety and maximum off-road grip. And, has Double Defense (RaceGuard and all-around SnakeSkin) technology that is ideal for usage on an E-MTB.

The future of Schwalbe Tyres

Climate preservation, urbanization, and the joy of physical activity in clean air are just a few of the compelling reasons why cycling has a bright future. So, Schwalbe aims to help by delivering superior tires and tubes that will excite you with practical technologies, interesting designs, thrilling performance, and dependable puncture prevention.

Are schwalbe sam tyres a good choice?

The Smart Sam mountain bike tyre is an excellent alternative for people searching for an all-terrain option on a tight budget. It rolls easily on mixed ground including tarmac. The new tread pattern of this long-standing Schwalbe model includes a compact center for rapid rolling and sharpened outer blocks to improve off-road traction. The middle rib is compact and enables smooth rolling. It is reliable in all conditions and even on the road. These are an unrivaled all-arounder. Smart Sam performs admirably on any terrain and even on the road.