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Selle Italia - Bicycle saddles with tradition and quality
Selle Italia - Bicycle saddles with tradition and quality
Selle Italia is one of the best-known saddle manufacturers on the European market. For more than 110 years the company has worked on the ideal saddle construction; revolutionising sports saddles in the process. At their location in beautiful Italy, they are constantly working on new innovations for the perfect saddle. The excellent quality of Selle Italia’s saddles is greatly appreciated - especially in the racing bike sector.

Selle Italia

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Selle Italia bike saddles

Selle Italia is one of the most famous bike saddle manufactures across Europe, particularly well known within the racing bike sector for its high-quality sporty-style saddles that are used by many professional racing cyclists around the globe. Every cyclist understands the importance of being comfortable in the saddle and how vital it is to choose the right seating model in order to enhance performance and go the distance. On the website, there is a comprehensive choice of different Selle Italia bike saddle styles that are designed to accommodate anatomical differences between cyclists and offer maximum support where it’s needed most.

Selle Italia bike saddles

Selle Italia bike saddles combine tradition with quality

Selle Italia is undoubtedly one of the most famous seat manufacturers in the European market, renowned for its original designs and high-tech development process. The company’s story began just outside Milan, in the village of Corsico, in 1897. Back then, the first saddle developed by Selle Italia was for every day bicycles used for transportation – which at the time, was the transport of choice for many people. As times changed and the automobile became most people’s primary mode of transport, Selle Italia too moved with the times into innovating saddles for road and mountain bike leisure and sport – aimed at both amateur and professional-level cyclists. Selle Italia is also known for its production of handlebar tape that provides an easy grip and high levels of comfort even during long-distance rides.

Its innovative bicycle saddles are intended for cyclists who want to ride on the bike as comfortably as possible without compromising on speed or performance. The look of each saddle is unique, and its vision has turned Selle Italia into a number-one bike saddle producer worldwide.

Every product made by Selle Italia comes from extensive research and development, scientific studies and stringent testing. They also undergo real-life testing with experienced and professional riders to ensure that the perfect saddle is created, never compromising on comfort or performance, no matter how great the challenge.

Find the perfect fit with Selle Italia

On the website, choose from Selle Italia’s collection of road and mountain bike saddles that are available in a selection of models and incorporate technologies including:

  • Extra padding - for comfort over longer distances
  • Carbo Keramic Rail – carbon rail with ceramic coating to protect against point stress and scratches
  • Manganese Rail – that’s light and flexible
  • Flow – special flow cut out to ensure optimum riding comfort and flexibility in the saddle
  • Gel Flow – special Gel Flow cut-out for additional comfort on “soft tissue” areas and greater flexibility at the front of the saddle. Thin layer of silicone gel also absorbs surface vibrations
  • Friction free technology – boosts comfort and performance by reducing friction between the inner thigh and the saddle
  • Duro-Tek – material used to cover the saddle to increase its longevity and strength over a long period of time

The website also offers a range of Selle Italia handlebar tape for road bikes to improve grip and comfort.