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Shimano Ultegra

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Shimano Ultegra

When buying a bike, choosing which groupset to get is one of the most important decisions to make. Groupsets are simply mechanical parts of a bike, including gear shifts, brakes, and components that run the drivetrain. There is a lot to consider when purchasing your groupset. So, whether you are looking for Shimano shifting components, Shimano brakes, or Shimano Ultegra pedals, here at Bikester, we can help you find just what you need. With such a vast selection of groupset combinations, we'll have you on the road in no time.

Shimano Ultegra BR-R8000 Rim brake

About Shimano

Starting out in 1921, Shimano is one of the oldest brands responsible for making groupsets, thus making it the pioneer of the biking industry. Here at Bikester, we stock over 50 different Shimano Ultegra products.

Shifting Components

The Shimano Ultergra components for shifting are electronic instead of mechanic, making them incredibly fast and requiring less effort to use. Shimano's goal is to allow its riders to change gears without thinking. Their newest gear shifters, the Di2, were completely redone in 2021 and are now partly wireless. This means they work with derailleurs that are connected to a battery. The synchronized shifting allows you to operate both derailleurs by pressing one shift button.

The gear shifters are also customizable and offer a click feel that matches your individual style. Once you customize them, they will always work with 100% accuracy. You can customize your settings on a PC or wirelessly. Here at Bikester, we offer over seven different products that are part of the Di2 series.

Shimano Ultegra Pedals

Your pedals are what propel you forward, arguably making them the most important and powerful part of your bike. We offer two different pedals that fall under the Shimano Ultegra category at Bikester. The first pedals, known as PD-ES600 with SM-SH51, are:

  • The lightest Shimano SPD pedals for road bikes.
  • Deep grey in colour.
  • A versatile and reliable companion for road use.
  • Possible to use with off-road shoes with Shimano's SPD system.

Secondly, the Ultegra PD-R8000 pedals, are:

  • Lightweight with a carbon-composite body.
  • Adjustable when it comes to entry and release tension settings.
  • Extra wide for a more efficient transfer of power.
  • Wear-resistant and low-torsion due to a heavy-duty body insert made of stainless steel.

How to Choose Your Pedals

When choosing between these two pedals, it mostly depends on what type of bike you have. You can use PD-ES600 pedals for road or off-road riding, while the PD-R8000 are mainly used for road biking. If you go with the PD-ES600, you will need to use off-road shoes that are compatible with Shimano's SPD system.


Due to all the great power from your pedals and shifting components, you'll need accurate brakes that allow you to stop with control. Notably, the brakes from the Shimano Ultegra series have a feeling of clear contact with amazing stopping power. Some of our most popular brakes in this series are the Ultegra BR-R8000 Rim Brake, Ultegra BR-R8010 Rim Brake, and Ultegra BR-R8170 Disc Brake Caliper.