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SRAM Force
Tough miles. Cycling is not only a hobby - its much more. You're putting your life on it. And you make decisions after that. You're going to the start with conviction. But you also look beyond your own horizons and know: riders win races, not bicycles. Even if you love and admire your bike, it is clear to you that it is only an aid for your occupation and not the actual occupation. For you, progress means having everything you need - and nothing unnecessary. This is the short summary of SRAM Force. Innovative, responsive, ready to race. The group that knows exactly what you need to keep up in the races and that sets its priorities in exactly the right places. Just like you.

SRAM Force

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How sram force satisfy riders' high performance needs safely?

The time has come to welcome your next-generation mountain bike parts with sram force. This way, you'll experience full rider control. Also, having your ride fitted with these ensures safer riding overall, which is way more fun.

SRAM spends a significant amount of time perfecting their sram force groupsets. This includes sram force chainrings, derailleurs, levers, and cables of the highest quality. The abundance of options they present riders with is astounding.

Follow along for an overview of the various bike parts. This would include the sram force brakes that Bikester has for sale to make riding safer.

How SRAM Force groupsets improve rider experience

Adventure, touring, and cross bikes all benefit from the versatility of SRAM groupsets. What's more, due to the vast gaps between the gears, finding the cadence sweet spot can be a challenge on both bikes.

Also, bike riders seek to simplify their drivetrains and lessen the likelihood of mechanical failure. Therefore, they favour these wireless electronic groupsets, primarily for adventure riders and dirt racing.

Also, fitness riders find it easier to change gears with just one hand, and not everyone needs a 2x drivetrain.

Overview: SRAM force brakes

These brakes have arms that have been cold forged and a titanium centre bolt to keep the weight down. SRAM spent a significant amount of time developing the brake block compound in order to provide a combination of power and control in all weather circumstances. However, braking on long and fast descents, they can make a bit of a squealing sound.

The maximum and minimum reach of these dual pivot brakes range from 42 mm to 50 mm, and they come equipped with an integrated cable fast release. The SRAM Rival calipers are essentially identical to the SRAM Pro calipers, but they have a titanium bolt instead of a plain finish and cost significantly less.

Experience smoother gear progression with sram force chainrings

SRAM force chainrings allow you to tailor your crankset, which is useful whether you're replacing chainrings that have worn down over time. Also, when you're adjusting gearing in preparation for a race that is coming up soon. These chainrings are compatible with the 2x12-speed road drivetrains manufactured by SRAM.


  • Chainrings that can be replaced to get you back on the road in top condition
  • Compatible with the 12-speed cranksets produced by SRAM
  • You can tailor your gearing with sizes of 33, 35, 46, and 48t, which are all available.


The sram force products are any bike rider's dream. What's more, its primary feature is that its very lightweight and appealing to onlookers.