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It takes a great passion for cycling to fully appreciate SRAM RED. This blurs the boundaries between man and machine. Discipline, will, constancy, willingness to make sacrifices. These characteristics are what drivers need to ride at the top. Your machine must be carved from the same wood. Powerful and pure. Easy and fast. This is SRAM RED. That is real progress: Use design and innovation without sacrificing performance. Help to blur the boundaries between man and machine.


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About the brand

SRAM is one of the world's largest makers of bicycle parts, notably creating groupsets for both roads and mountain bicycles. Road riders are continuously testing the limits of their motorcycle's capabilities. They desire to go beyond what is feasible, whether it is conquering higher mountains or reaching quicker speeds. SRAM's Red eTap AXS Groupset assists you in pushing those boundaries by redefining the way individuals think about their groupset. The 12-Speed cog is just the start.

Sram red groupsets

The new SRAM RED eTap AXS provides a broader range and closer progression, ensuring that you are always in the correct gear. Irrespective of the terrain, the ride is silent, stable, and smooth. A mechanism that does precisely what you want it to do, when you want it to do it. It's also still wifi. This is the ideal shifting and braking experience — for all riders — because it is AXS enabled and easily customizable for hand size and reach.

The linked cadre's beating heart. No matter the terrain, intelligent chain management keeps everything silent and secure. To present, the most responsive, rapid, and accurate front shifting.

Sram red brake/shift lever

The new SRAM Red eTap AXS Shift-Brake Levers are with wireless electrical shifting. Also, the AXS technology enables you to program your shifters to perform whatever you desire, and the brake levers have adjustable reach. Both of these elements ensure the finest possible fitting for any rider.

Sram rear derailleur

The brand SRAM presents the Red eTap AXS Rear Derailleur is seen here. The derailleur, which is for both 1x and 2x gearing, maintains the chain silent and safe owing to OrbitTM technology. The Orbit chain management technique utilizes a silicon fluid damper system, which, not like a friction clutch, provides no extra friction to the derailleur's spring while in slow/light motion. This implies that changing and removing the wheel is simple, but chain bounce and slap are reduced. AXS technology also enables you to tailor your shifts to your preferences.

Sram red front derailleur

Furthermore, the SRAM Red eTap AXS Front Derailleur is different from the preceding SRAM Red eTap, allowing for more rear tire space. It also has AXS technology, which allows you to adjust your shifting to your liking.


SRAM's swankiest cable-actuated road bike equipment package is Red. The components are primarily focus at racing and endurance cycles, and they include the lightest 2x11 rim-brake set available. Red incorporates design elements and technologies that are currently available in all of SRAM's fairly low - price road groups.