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SRAM X01 Eagle
The X01 Eagle™ gear change heralds a new era: more freedom and uncompromising performance for Enduro pilots and trail freaks. World-class riders use the components to fight nature's perils, the laws of physics and time. This has inspired SRAM: SRAM wants to equip them with the most advanced tool they can develop. The X01 Eagle™ has everything you love about the 1x (i.e. one-time) circuit. But it offers even more: it has taker qualities, it is precise, smooth and quiet. The Eagle™ cassette has twelve sprockets with ten to 50 teeth. With this total transmission ratio you can take advantage of the 1x in any terrain, on any ground and at any speed. The X01 Eagle™ circuit is freedom - how you use it is up to you.

SRAM X01 Eagle

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