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Zipp 404 NSW Rear Wheel 28" 10x135mm SRAM XDR TLR Carbon black

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Product description

Zipp 404 NSW Rear Wheel 28" 10x135mm SRAM XDR TLR Carbon black (black)

No matter where you ride, the 404 NSW Carbon Clincher wheelset for rim brakes is made to make you faster. With a rim height of 58 mm, the 404 NSW is designed to be an all-rounder – it's an expert at climbing as well as keeping up the pace on the flat. At the same time, it is robust enough to cope even with classic spring weather and yet so light that it makes acceleration out of the corner a delight. The rim shape of the 404 NSW tubeless is thereby designed for the aerodynamic integration of wider tubeless tyres, which thus improves handling characteristics and performance. The 404 NSW tubeless has a jaw width of 19 mm and an outer shape that corresponds aerodynamically best with 25 mm tyres. With these wheels, you can drive both tubeless and with conventional tubes. Tubeless of course offers advantages in terms of puncture protection and ride comfort, can be driven with lower air pressure and has a better grip in curves as well as a lower rolling resistance.

The industry-leading silicon carbide Showstopper braking surface is constantly evolving to provide unmatched braking power and modulation, regardless of weather conditions or length of the descent.

ABLC SawTooth
The new ABLC SawTooth recess design consists of 12 branch points that are specifically tuned to work together. The aerodynamic thrust starts at 50 Hz and a cycling speed of approx. 32 km/h. SawTooth technology makes this possible through small vortex layers that detach at a low volume but a higher natural frequency. This reduces the laminar bubble effect on the aerodynamically shielded side of the rim profile, thus enabling a further reduction in shear resistance and greater stability in crosswinds.

Cognition hubset
With the Cognition hubset's Axial Clutch technology, they have eliminated this resistance by releasing the pawl mechanism as it slides. This allows you to approach curves at a higher speed and thus save time. A straight hub shell with star flange on the rear hub distributes the load acting on the hub flange away from the bearings. They have also developed a unique serrated design for the front hub. This serrated design provides a consistent bearing bore diameter with a high radial spoke tension. This means that the bearings sit quietly and firmly, roll faster, last longer and the hub has higher lateral stiffness.

They use Zipp's ImPress graphics technology, which prints graphics directly onto the wheel. This allows the recesses to do exactly what they are designed to do – control vortex shedding, the rate at which air vortices shed from the wheel. This is of great importance for stability.


  • The new Zipp logo and new graphics scream speed
  • Applied using Zipp's ImPress direct print technology so as not to diminish the aerodynamic effect of the surface indentations
  • Fast 58 mm rim profile for more speed and better cornering, control and comfort
  • Cognition hubs with axial clutch technology with reduced mechanical resistance in freewheel
  • ABLC Sawtooth recesses help control the airflow around the rims and the speed and stability of the wheel in the wind
  • Market-leading Showstopper brake sidewalls provide powerful and consistent braking performance even in the wet
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At a glance

Axle standard
Axle standard
Size (In Inches)
Size (In Inches)
28 inches
constructed for Brake type
constructed for Brake type
constructed for Brake type
constructed for Brake type
Caliper brake


Road, Triathlon, Aero, Endurance
Main Information
At the back
Axle system:
Rear wheel 10x135
Axle standard:
Profile Height:
High (> 50mm)
tire type:
Braking system:
Caliper brake
Internal width:
20.00 mm
Size (In Inches):
28 inches
Rear Hub
Cognition hubs with Axial Clutch Technology
Assembly Width:
130 mm
Diameter Axle:
10 mm
Sprocket Type:
SRAM XDR 12s Road
Spokes number:
For thru axle, Sealed
CX-Ray - Black
Front Wheel
constructed for Brake type:
Rear Wheel
constructed for Brake type:
Caliper brake
867.00 g
Model Year
Article number
Manufacturer article number

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