Find the right MTB for your child

Find the right MTB for your child

The right MTB for your wee one

MTB – a word that children learn from a very young age. Parents and friends have one, and then the youngest in the group must also have the pleasure of owning a mountain bike. But what will it cost? This primarily depends on your child's needs and ambitions. The price for mountain bikes varies, but you'll find a robust and powerful bike for every budget. A good beginner's MTB costs around 350 GBP. At that price, your child will have a very simple bike with basic equipment, including, amongst others, multiple gears and pedals. Mountain bikes at the more inexpensive end are uncomplicated to handle and can easily manage the everyday trips to and from school.

A beginner MTB in this price range allows your child to get a taste of the MTB world with its wide tires and plenty of power. You can also go for a larger investment if your child needs a quality bike for trail riding or if they want to cycle in a club and participate in competitions. A top bike in this price range costs approx. 1100 GBP, delivering high quality on all parameters. At this price, you get an MTB that stands out from the crowd in terms of frame geometry, type of material and weight, as well as equipment. However, your child might be just as happy with a mid-range model for around 600-700 GBP, best suited as an all-round bike for the city and nature.



You can always find an MTB to match your child's preferences. There are plenty of different categories to check out to find a perfectly built model for your child. An aluminium frame is a classic choice, offering plenty of strength and depth. If the bike needs to be more refined, then carbon is a lightweight material that you will see the kids' idols ride when the biggest races flash across the TV screen. A junior MTB with 12 gears is sufficient for most. For an even greater choice, 24 gears are another option when your child is ready to handle them. Full suspension or hardtail? Opinions vary on both frame types. Suspension at both front and rear is pricier and also more technical to manage and repair. However, a hardtail with a shock absorber on the front fork is usually enough for city cycling and outings in nature.


With an MTB, things usually go fast and wild. Therefore, maintenance is one of the keys to ensure bike safety. Even when things go smoothly, bike parts must be inspected frequently. In particular, the moving parts, such as the gear shifter and chain, must be lubricated regularly to work optimally. Checking brake pads is also an essential part of the routine your children should learn from an early age. Maintenance prevents them from suddenly not braking effectively. In addition to service checks every now and then, cleaning and care play a significant part in MTB maintenance. Of course, you will find shampoos, care products, brushes, cloths and much more at Bikester. You can extend the lifespan of your bicycle by washing off any dirt after each MTB ride. Soft brushes and rotating movements with soap and lukewarm water are the way forward, together with a gentle and thorough wipe-off at the end. If you are lucky enough to have the sun come out after training, it is preferable for the bike to dry in the open air.



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