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Orbea Bikes for the Road and Mountain

Orbea is one of the best-known brands in the mountain and road cycling communities, and for good reason. This Basque bike maker pushes for cutting edge bike designs that blur the line between recreation and racing. Whether you’re looking for a downhill mountain bike that can help you push your limits, a road bike to fly past the competition, or an e-bike to help you explore new areas, Orbea has a ride for you.

Orbea Mountain Bikes

Orbea offers a huge range of mountain bike designs to suit any rider and biking style, including both hardtail and full suspension bikes.

Orbea Hardtail Bikes

Orbea’s hardtail bikes are tailored for beginners and cross country cyclists, with highly competitive pricing on bikes that can tackle any terrain. These bikes are designed with fun in mind, and the features reflect the company’s philosophy of enjoying a day in the mountains. All hardtail models come with a front suspension fork, and the options for customising gearing and wheel diameter are nearly endless.

Orbea Full Suspension Bikes

A love for the mountains is evident in the designs of all of Orbea’s full suspension mountain bikes. These bikes are designed to be lightweight enough for competition – the Oiz frame has two cross country World Championships – yet comfortable enough for enduro trail riding. Orbea’s world-class full suspension mountain bikes are designed to expand your capabilities on the trail and give you confidence in handling no matter what the terrain throws at you.

Orbea Road Bikes

Orbea’s road bikes were designed to connect you with the road more than win competitions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t lightweight and fast. With a selection of aluminium and carbon frames spanning disciplines from traditional road riding to gravel riding to triathlon, Orbea has a frame for whatever style of riding calls to you. Plus, Orbea’s offerings span a variety of price points to offer something for beginner and expert road cyclists alike.

Orbea E-bikes

Orbea was one of the first bike makers to take advantage of new electronic-assist technology, coupling a battery-powered motor with some of their most popular road and mountain bike designs. E-mountain bikes from Orbea adapt the company’s hardtail frames to make it easier to ascend difficult trails and offer enough battery to last a full day in the mountains. Meanwhile, e-road and e-gravel bikes from Orbea are the perfect complement to a commute or for cyclists looking to roam longer distances with every ride.

Orbea Children’s Mountain Bikes

Kids are the next generation of mountain biking stars, which is why Orbea puts serious thought into designing high-performance children’s bikes. Children’s mountain bikes from Orbea aren’t just miniaturised versions of their adult frames – they’re specifically crafted to help children maximise fun on the trails and kindle a life-long love for cycling.

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