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S 'cool: High performance bikes for juniors
S'cool: High performance bikes for juniors
S'COOL has a clear goal: to offer great and lightweight bikes for young children and teenagers. The company ensures that each and every one of its model unites the safety, performance, design and sustainability demands of both parents and their children.


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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
s'cool XtriX 40 20" Kids dark grey/beige
s'cool XtriX 40 20" Kids dark grey/beige
XtriX 40 20" Kids dark grey/beige
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S'cool: bikes for children and juniors at

The S’COOL brand specialises in comfortable and functional bikes for children and teenagers that are able to meet the most demanding tests in terms of safety, design and sustainability. On the website, there is a wide selection of S’COOL’s best products that include a collection of mountain bikes and road bike models for children and adolescents, as well as learning bikes and foldable kick scooters.

S'cool bikes

S’COOL is there for your child on their important journey

For over 15 years, S'COOL has stood for innovative products for children and teenagers. From the first learner bike, to city and mountain bikes, BMX and road bikes, S’COOL is there for your child every step of the way on their journey to gaining confidence and competence on two wheels.

S’COOL is one of the first international brands and specialist retailers that exclusively develops and distributes industry-leading bikes for children and juniors with a clear mission: to focus on the production and manufacturing of good-quality and lightweight bikes and wheels that are aligned to the needs of children, while taking into account three key pillars - functionality, design and safety.

S’COOL kids’ bikes and products are crafted to be of the highest quality, as well as durable and long lasting. From the meticulous planning stages to careful implementation of each component into each product, the company adheres to strict guidelines and tests and is able to pinpoint every detail required to develop child-friendly bikes and accessories that are built to last, even across several generations of children.

Your child can ride with confidence with S’COOL

Teaching your child to ride a bike is one of the most rewarding moments in their development, so make sure you have all the right tools and products to ensure it is as successful as possible. On the website, get your child off on the right foot by investing in a S’COOL kids or teenager bike model. There is a comprehensive range of styles and types that will suit the needs of most children

The S’COOL mountain bikes have a fantastic design and are comprised of high-quality components such. as Shimano gears. The material that most models are made from is aluminium, due to its lightweight qualities and durability. However, there are also mountain bike models with carbon fibre frames available.

There is a selection of road bikes that stand out for the design and quality of their components, for example, with the implementation of Shimano gears. They are mainly constructed with a lightweight yet strong aluminium frame and are suitable for both training and competitions.

You will also find a selection of Pedex learner bikes for complete beginners to help very young children take those first careful steps towards riding a bicycle. They help them to achieve their balance and encourage independence and freedom of movement every step of the way.

And not forgetting, the foldable kick scooter that can be used to get around easily, perform stunts and tricks and have fun with friends on the coolest looking scooters available on the market.