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Bike bags & baskets: carry stuff with the minimum of fuss
A little storage space on a bike is always appreciated, especially on models intended for everyday use or longer tours. The many available types of bike panniers or baskets remedy the lack of space found on bikes to suit individual needs. Our range extends from panniers that are mount to the rear rack or front lowrider, to handlebar bags, baskets and frame bags in various sizes and shapes. We also sell compact saddlebags that just about hold a racing bike inner tube and mini tool. And for the current bikepacking trend, we stock a wide range of bags not requiring special mounts or racks, meaning even sporty bikes can carry ample luggage.

Bicycle Bags & Baskets

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Basil Cento Alu Basket matte black
Basil Cento Alu Basket matte black
Cento Alu Basket matte black

Bicycle Bags for Every Ride

Bicycle Bags

Maintaining your balance while biking with clothing, gear, and food doesn’t have to be hard. You simply need the right combination of bicycle bags to store your stuff on your bike. With our selection of panniers, saddle bags, seatpost bags, and more, you’ll be able to outfit your bicycle for carrying everything from essential repair supplies to camping gear for a bike tour.

Bicycle Bags for Different Storage Needs

Carrying a repair kit on your bicycle is very different from transporting tens of kilogrammes of gear for a multi-day, cross-country trip. That’s why there are a huge variety of different types of bicycle bags you can add to your ride.


Panniers are one of the most popular types of bicycle bags, used by long-distance cyclists and urban commuters alike. Panniers come in a variety of different sizes depending on your needs, and you can even add two or more of them to a single pannier rack. When choosing panniers, consider how you plan to use them. If you’ll be riding in wet conditions, you’ll likely want a pannier that’s fully waterproof, with a roll top to seal out water. And if you’re planning to use your pannier for commuting, you may want a padded sleeve to protect your laptop. Also consider whether you need a handle or strap for carrying your pannier after you get off the bike.

Handlebar Bags

Handlebar bags are commonly used for bike touring since they give you quick access to your stuff. Like panniers, handlebar bags vary widely in size and design – you can get one with numerous pockets, opt for a bag with a single large opening, and decide whether or not you need waterproofing.

Frame Bags, Seatpost Bags, and Saddle Bags

Many cyclists use frame bags, seatpost bags, and saddle bags as a place to store a repair kit and small items like snacks or a phone. Frame bags attach to the top tube of your bike, making it easy to grab snacks as you ride. Seatpost and saddle bags, on the other hand, attach to the back of your seatpost and under your saddle, so you’ll need to get off your bike to access anything you store in those bags.

Bike Baskets

Baskets can attach to your handlebars, to the rear of your bike, or even to the top of a pannier rack. Bike baskets are common amongst urban commuters since they give you a place to store groceries and other large items for the short ride between your home and the office or store. There’s a lot of room to show off your style when choosing a bike basket – you can opt for a standard metal cage, choose a nylon basket with a closable top, or even spring for a colourful wicker basket.

Bicycle Bags at

Chances are, your local bike shop has an extremely limited selection of bicycle bags. But here at, we have hundreds of different panniers, handlebar bags, baskets, and smaller bike bags. Even better, our selection is easy to browse and filter so that you can quickly find the perfect bag for your bike.