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Bike Suspension Forks

Here at Bikester, we're proud to offer you an extensive collection of bike suspension forks. It can sometimes be a daunting task picking the forks you need, so we're here to help. Below we'll lay out the different types of forks available and look at some other key bike parts that are on offer here at Bikester.

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Mountain bike forks vs touring forks

The main distinction between the available forks is whether you need MTB forks or touring ones. Most mountain bikes use 26" wheels, which are much smaller than the typical 700c road tyres. This means that forks are rarely interchangeable between the two. Consequently, you'll have to be sure which you require from the get-go.

Whether you want to ride rigid, hard-tail, or full suspension there are options for you and your mountain bike.

The easy-to-navigate categories here at Bikester ensure that you're searching in the right section for your particular bike's requirements.

For the mountain bikers amongst you

If you're looking to soup up your existing MTB or build a new one, great suspension forks and rear shocks will make all the difference. Allowing you to hit the trails harder and with more confidence, a rear shock absorber integrated into your MTB will give your ride more comfort and stability.

Ensuring that your fork and fork accessories are compatible with your frame and MTB wheels is key. The range of popular wheel sizes for mountain bikes include 26”, 27.5” (650b), and 29”.

Then you'll want to ensure that your fork steerer is the correct design for your frame. Generally, newer bikes require a tapered steerer, which is 1.5 inches wide by the fork and then 1 1/8th inch at the stem. Some older mountain bikes will suit a straight 1 1/8th inch steerer.

If you're not sure about the size you need, and you have your old fork to hand, take the forks out from the frame. You should instantly be able to see if the steerer is straight or tapered.

Road bike forks

Road bikes generally require rigid forks, unlike MTBs which need more suspension. If your rides are generally on paved roads and city streets then rigid forks are more practical.

Many mountain bikers also opt for rigid forks due to the added speed and agility they offer.

We offer a wide range of rigid forks in aluminium or carbon. Look out for distinguishing features such as brake compatibility. The brake mount is an important feature when choosing your forks. Disc brakes will require different forks than if you have rim brakes, for example.

For the racers amongst you, there are sleek options available just for racer bikes. Point forks, for example, with hexagonal bores without eyelets are ideal for short racing brakes.

Build your bike from the ground up

It's not just a wide array of suspension forks on offer here at Bikester. We offer everything you need to build a custom-made bike or replace parts of your current bike for an upgrade.

Check out our selection of hubs for MTBs and road bikes. Choose from track, freewheel, or cassette depending on your bike. It's even possible to convert some bikes to a fixed gear set-up by the construction of a new rear wheel. Try it, if you're feeling adventurous!

Browse Bikester's extensive collection of frames, dropper posts, pedals, seat posts and much more in the 'Parts' section of our site. You'll be amazed at the range of quality components available from a wide selection of well-known brands. Don't hesitate to check out our Bike guides or get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team. Happy riding!