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Tacx: Push your limits
Tacx: Push your limits
What started out as a small local bike shop and modest manufacturer of rollers has grown into a world-famous brand; offering innovative products for athletes in over 80 countries. A Tacx trainer allows you to ride even in the most adverse of winter weather – making it the ideal training partner for riders looking to improve the condition of their performance year-round. The company offers a wide variety of indoor training machines – from great-value rollers to interactive Smart trainers that receive and display data; and can even replicate a realistic road feel.


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Tacx cycle trainers & rollers

Reach your goals with Tacx. Training can be difficult if the weather isn’t on your side, but with a Tacx cycle trainer, you can optimise your cycling performance from the comfort of your home or wherever you need to be. Tacx cycle trainers are a perfect training partner no matter what level of cyclist you are. The brand offers an extensive choice of great value indoor training machines, interactive smart trainers and transportable rollers that are compatible with multiple devices and can accurately measure your achievements. The training models also feature immersive virtual reality, which allows you to ride against other cyclists and can simulate different surfaces and gradients for added resistance.

Tacx cycle trainers

Tacx: Driven by innovation

Tacx is a globally known brand that innovates training products to athletes in over 80 countries. What began as a modest local bike shop and manufacturer of rollers in the Netherlands over three decades ago has grown into a world-renowned brand with an exceptionally high level of design and performance.

The first roller cylinder was manufactured in 1972, after which the company pioneered indoor bike trainers as well as bike carriers, bottles and tools. By 2000, Tacx had introduced the first interactive trainer that functioned with computer software. With these groundbreaking interactive trainers, cyclists could experience riding on simulated surfaces such as asphalt, gravel and cobblestones and also take on resistance training. As the training models have developed and can communicate with computers, smart phones and tablets, riders can display and monitor data such as heart rate, power and speed, as well as ride through virtual worlds and compete against other cyclists around the world.

While it is a global company, Tacx manufactures and tests all of its products in house. From the design to the final production, everything is done at the company’s headquarters in the Netherlands to ensure each product shipped out is of the highest quality.

Tacx: Push your limits

Many cyclists want to be able to have the option of continuing to train, even when the conditions outside are at their most challenging. On the website, you’ll find a wide selection of Tacx products that enable you to keep improving your performance, no matter where you are. Choose from collapsible, easily transportable rollers that can help you to refine your coordination and improve technique, or ride online against other riders or take part in existing bike races using the interactive smart cycle trainers. Tacx cycle trainers feature built in software that works in line with your computer, tablet or smartphone and can automatically adjust resistance, analyse performance, simulate bike courses and display routes on your screen. There is also a range of complementary items available to purchase, including the trainer bag for easy transportation, virtual course DVDs, tools and other useful accessories.