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Cube Electric Bikes

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Cube E-Bikes for Every Ride

Cube E-Bikes

German bike maker Cube is best known for its durable, lightweight mountain bikes. But as e-bike technology has advanced in recent years, the manufacturer has jumped wholeheartedly into the production of battery-powered bikes. Today, Cube boasts one of the most powerful and diverse lineups of electric assist bikes. Whether you need an electric model for mountain riding, urban commuting, or road touring, Cube has an e-bike for you.

Powered by Bosch Motors

All of Cube’s e-bikes are built with powerful Bosch motors. These motors offer a variety of drive modes so you can match exactly how the electric assist is delivered to the drivetrain to your natural pedalling cadence. The Sport and eMTB modes are particularly good for mountain bikers, who often need immediate power paired with tight control on difficult terrain. Cube’s e-bikes come with three different tiers of Bosch motors:

  • Active - The Bosch Active motor line is quiet, lightweight, and inexpensive. You’ll often find this on entry-level Cube e-bikes, but it offers plenty of power for commuting as well as touring or mountain biking on flat terrain.
  • Active Plus - The Active Plus line offers greater acceleration, making it the ideal choice when your rides include moderately hilly terrain. The added acceleration is also useful on urban e-bikes since you can quickly take off from a stoplight.
  • CX - The CX line is Bosch’s performance e-bike motor. It offers nearly double the torque of the Active motor line and comes with an eMTB mode specifically designed for long climbs on trails. The motor also automatically identifies your pedalling cadence to better match your natural cycling rhythm.

Cube E-Bikes

Cube offers e-bikes for every style of riding, including e-mountain bikes, e-touring bikes, and e-hybrid and city bikes. E-touring bikes enable you to get out on the road for days at a time and feature the same durable, comfortable frames as Cube’s non-electric touring rigs. Meanwhile, e-hybrid and e-city bikes are the perfect companion for urban commuting or for recreational riding around your city.

Cube E-Mountain Bikes

Cube is best known for its mountain bikes, and the company’s e-mountain bikes continue to help the trail riding community push new limits. With precise motor control that kicks in exactly when you need it, these e-mountain bikes can allow you to tackle more complex terrain and steeper climbs. Cube e-mountain bikes are available in both hardtail and full suspension frames. Hybrid hardtails are the perfect choice for moderate trails, and the built-in motor means it’s easy to adapt your e-bike for use as a commuter during the week. Plus, Cube hardtail e-mountain bikes can be paired with an Active or Active Plus motor to make them budget-friendly. For bigger, steeper adventures, Cube’s hybrid full suspension bikes have you covered. Many frames are paired with the high-performance CX motor so you never have to worry about burnout during steep climbs. These bikes also feature the full suspension system that has made Cube bikes popular within the mountain biking community for the past 25 years.

Cube E-Bikes at

The easiest way to get a Cube e-bike to get moving on the road or trail is to shop our huge selection at We carry Cube e-mountain bikes, e-touring bikes, and e-city and -hybrid bikes, each paired with a Bosch motor to fit any budget and power needs. Plus, we offer free shipping on all Cube e-bikes and the peace of mind that comes with our 100-day return policy.