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E-Bike Types

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Before deciding on an e-bike, you’ll need to know which one will suit you and your riding style best. Will you mainly be riding through your nearest city, heading out on long tours or taking your fun off-road? Once you can answer this question, you should be able to quickly find your new e-bike on Bikester. If you’re not sure yet, you’ll find information about e-city bikes, e-cross bikes, e-touring bikes and e-mountain bikes here.

As with non-motorised touring bikes, riders can also expect comprehensive equipment with lighting system, wide range drive train, fenders and tour-suitable riding position on their e-touring bike. With modern e-touring bikes, longer distances are no problem. A compact and well-integrated pedelec drive supports you as much as you need, whilst still giving you a true bike-ride feel.

  • Tour-suitable riding position
  • Robust, comfortable and safe
  • Perfect for bike trips

Mountain bikes equipped with an additional pedelec drive give off-road enthusiasts a whole new way to enjoy their nature experience. Trails that were previously remote and difficult to access are easier to reach with an e-mountain bike and each climb is turned from a necessary drudge to a new challenge with its own charm.

  • More off-road fun, also uphill
  • Modern MTB performance
  • Available in fully and hardtail versions

City bikes are the ideal bikes for easily mastering everyday life in the city. Combined with a modern e-bike drive, the classic city bike is transformed into a real mobility wonder – even beyond the usual short inner-city trips. A fully-equipped e-city bike makes it easy to quickly cover even medium-distance commutes to the workplace and arrive at the office relaxed and unruffled.

  • Upright riding position
  • Comfortable
  • For short to medium-length distances

The cross bike can be understood as a sportier alternative to your everyday bike. In a slightly stretched out riding position with a wide range of gears, you’re not only well-positioned for riding through the city, but also over land. E-versions of this type of bike are ideal for commuting longer distances. Slender 28” wheels with auxiliary drive mean you’re nimble on paved and unpaved roads alike.

  • Stretched out riding position
  • Sporty and agile
  • For paved and unpaved roads



  • Even weight distribution through low position in the middle of the bottom bracket
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Ride feel is the same as a conventional bicycle
  • Best suited for sporty riding
  • Motor less susceptible to faults due to short cable runs


  • Higher load on chain, chainring, sprockets or internal gear hub, if available
  • Often higher price
  • A special frame construction is necessary
  • Retrofitting not possible


  • Very quiet
  • Direct power transmission for dynamic driving
  • Energy recovery (recuperation) possible
  • Retrofit possible
  • Normal wear of the drive parts


  • Centre of gravity is far back
  • Rear-heavy riding behaviour
  • Rear wheel is difficult to remove


  • Can be retrofitted on many bikes
  • Cheap


  • Stronger load on the fork
  • Engine can influence steering behaviour
  • The front wheel may spin on slippery ground