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  • Cube Aim 1
  • Cube Analog 1
  • Rondo MYLC 1


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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Buzzbike Urban Cycle Club 3-speed dark olive
Buzzbike Urban Cycle Club 3-speed dark olive
Urban Cycle Club 3-speed dark olive
  • Versions: 52cm (28")
RONDO MYLC AL Gravel Plus champagne/black
RONDO MYLC AL Gravel Plus champagne/black
MYLC AL Gravel Plus champagne/black
RRP £2,009.00 £1,889.00
  • Versions: L | 51cm (28")
Cube Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
Cube Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
  • Versions: 20" | L (29")
Cube Analog flashgrey'n'red
Cube Analog flashgrey'n'red
Analog flashgrey'n'red
  • Versions: 22" | XL

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Advice on choosing a bike

Anyone thinking of buying a new bike will find a huge range of bicycles available on the internet. But, how do you go about choosing just one? Well, first of all it’s important to remember that a bike should be selected according to how you’re going to use it. Whether you’re looking at top brand bicycles or no-name products, it’s better if you know exactly what you want. In order to work this out, there’s some questions you should ask yourself first:

  • How will you use the bike? Many people use bicycles for shopping or occasional short trips. Others cycle to work every day and may need to take their bike on the train for part of their journey. Young families use bicycles to transport young children around – using special seats or trailers. Bicycles also come especially constructed to undertake long bike journeys or transport heavy luggage, and these are completely different in design and equipment to fitness bikes and sporty models.
  • Where will you ride the bike? The next consideration when buying a bike is where you’ll be taking it. If you expect to be mainly riding on asphalt roads or bike paths, you’ll need a completely different bike type to riders who expect to tackle rocky trails, field grasslands, forests and mountain terrain.
  • What specific characteristics are must-haves for you? For e.g. do you need your bike to be particularly light? Or would a very robust model suit you better? Stylish sorts may be on the lookout for a particularly chic city bike. Or should your bike prioritise practicality and function – so that only a small amount of maintenance work is required?

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll have a really good idea of what kind of bike you’re looking for and be in a much better position to choose your new bicycle online.

E-Bike: A Modern Bike for Everyone

Boasting innovative and stylish designs, modern e-bikes offer high comfort, convenience and reliability. With increasingly slimmer components and more power than ever before, e-bikes versions are now available of all bike types and in a wide range of styles. In addition, different performance levels and functions are available, which meet all requirements. Electric bikes are split into two basic types: Pedal Assist (aka Pedelecs) and Power on Command. But what’s the difference?

Pedelecs are e-bikes that require you to pedal before the motor will kick in and assist the pedalling effort. The rider can’t just sit back on the saddle and relax whilst steering the bike. Because Pedelecs require their rider to pedal they are still classified as conventional bikes. Most of the e-bicycles which are commercially available are classified under this category.

Power on Command e-bikes are equipped with a motor that the rider can control via a throttle. With this type of e-bike, you don’t have to pedal to make use of the motor.

We’ll focus on the appeal of Pedelecs (as these are the most common and popular models available on the market today).

Pros of the Pedelec

  • Get fit: It’s a widely believed myth that e-bikes do all the work for you. This simply isn’t true. Most models are pedal assist – meaning they augment whatever power is produced from your pedalling. You can choose to ride more comfortably or go faster – but a cardio work-out is still perfectly possible!
  • Earth-friendly: E-bikes put out zero harmful emissions, making them one of the most environmentally-friendly travel options out there
  • Commute in style: Get to the office quicker and without dissolving into a mess. Your e-bike will get you to work in good time without the usual level of sweat-inducing effort
  • Explore new places: Riding an e-bike helps you to travel further than you could on a traditional bike, so you can explore further afield than ever before
  • Lighten your load: Chores and grocery shopping become much easier with an e-bike
  • Save £££s: Riding an e-bike doesn’t require a special license, registration or insurance. Set up, investment and operating costs are tiny compared to those of owning and running a car
  • Ride safer: The speed an e-bike can go is nowhere close to the speed a car can achieve (In the UK, e-bikes are limited by law to only providing power assistance up to 15 mph/24kph) and taking bike paths keeps you out of the way of cars and large vehicles – reducing the likelihood you’ll have an accident involving one

Features to consider

Consider your needs. If you’re looking to buy an e-bike for hauling goods shorted distances, you’re going to prioritise load bearing ability over long-distance lasting large batteries. Some general features to consider include:

  • High-quality batteries: a good Li-ion battery offers proven safety and range
  • A generally slimline design and sleek battery integration for stylish riders
  • Weight: the heavier an e-bike is the harder it is to handle and push
  • Walk Mode/Push Assist: makes pushing your bike a lot easier when you aren’t riding it (especially up hills and steps!)
  • High-performance components for sport such as Shimano gears (for smooth shifting), hydraulic disc brakes (which offer unbeatable stopping power) and front suspension forks (which absorb vibrations and improve bike stability)
  • Frame material and geometry: makes a huge difference to ride comfort and performance


Serious contenders in the race to be crowned king of e-bike producers includes brands such as Cube, FOCUS, Giant, HAIBIKE, Hollandia, Orbea, Ortler, Serious and Vermont.