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Mountain bikes: Hit the trails!
Mountain bikes: hit the trails!
Invented in the late 70's, mountain biking quickly became the most popular movement in cycling – and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Broadly-speaking, mountain bikes can be separated into two categories: hardtails (with a suspension fork and no rear suspension) and full suspension bikes (with suspension at the front and back). Wheel sizes, suspension travel, geometry, components, weight and price vary dramatically depending on the bike’s intended use.

Mountain Bikes

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  • Cube Aim 1
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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Cube Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
Cube Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
Aim Pro shiftverde'n'black
  • Versions: 20" | L (29")
Cube Analog flashgrey'n'red
Cube Analog flashgrey'n'red
Analog flashgrey'n'red
  • Versions: 22" | XL

Mountain bikes

Combining toughness and agility, a good-quality mountain bike needs to ride a fine line.

Mountain Biking at Bikester

Original mountain bikes were traditional bicycles, modified for off-road challenges. Luckily for you, today’s mountain bike styles are specially crafted, purpose-engineered machines. They are built exactly for the task at hand.

Our site carries the latest models to revolutionize the mountain biking world. Browse our shop catalogue as well for accessories using the most advanced materials and latest styles to stay one step — or turn — ahead of the pack. We also answer the question, "what types of mountain bike are available on Bikester?"

Maybe you’re looking for reliable performance on rough, loose surfaces or full suspension for stability on bumps and jumps. Others may need stiff hardtail responsiveness for quick-turn trial runs. Still, others may be browsing cross-country models that run the gamut of suspension and shape.

As a basic rule, all mountain bikes can be divided between two camps: full-suspension and hardtail.

Full-suspension mountain bikes

As the name suggests, these bicycles are equipped with a suspension fork in front, and an additional shock absorption system in the rear.

Ideal for rough-and-tumble rides where you need maximum stability and a dampening effect, these mountain bikes are frequently seen on trails, as well as in races. They

  • reduce strain, keeping riders freed up mentally and physically to maneuver on tricky terrain that comes at you fast.
  • Allow riders to take on more challenging rides, as the suspension system absorbs sheer forces and vibrations.
  • Can be adjusted for less or more tension, as your ride and comfort level dictates.
  • Benefit from constantly evolving technology, lighter material design, and sleek looks.

Bumps can slow you down, especially when you’re using energy to brace your body for impact. Full suspension helps take the load off of you and keeps your focus on the trail ahead.

Our range includes full-suspension models from mountain bike giants Cube, Ghost, Santa Cruz and Orbea, to name only a few.

Slightly easier to maintain, but no less practical, are hardtail mountain bikes.

Hardtail mountain bikes

Serious Mountain bikes at Bikester

Hardtails forego rear suspension as a way to stay lighter in weight. This trade-off pays dividends on uphill climbs, where a heavier load can slow you down. Hardtails also have a more efficient force propulsion from each push of the pedals.

Hardtails are very often favoured by beginners and used on groomed trails. But they are no slouches in the hands of seasoned experts, always showing excellent results in cross-country racing.

Mountain bikes types are broken down further into cross country and trail.

Cross country mountain bikes

These bikes are lighter, because ounces start to matter when you are riding for long distances.

Cross country suspension bikes work on keeping the spring as feather-light as possible, while cross country hardtails avoid the issue altogether.

Because a hardtail in this style of bicycle handles with more sensitivity, you may favour this if you’re looking for the ideal bike for your long, overall varied rides.

We stock cross-country bikes from Focus, Wilier, and Kona.

Trail mountain bikes

Though heavier, these bike specs are just the ticket for when you want to tackle a technically difficult trail.

Unlike the cross country style, trail mountain bikes almost always have a rear suspension. Why? Difficult terrain can be exhausting, and if your bicycle isn’t equipped to minimise shocks, you’re doing all the hard work of stabilizing. Having said that, trail hardtails are available, and we encourage you to browse them on our site.

Along with 26 inch mountain bikes, this style of ride favours stability and manoeuverability over speed.

Bikester boasts trail models from Ghost and Marin.

You may still have some questions about the type of mountain bike you need. If that's the case, contact a member of our team! We can help guide you further in the search for your next bike.

Electric mountain bikes

Powered by an electric motor, e-bikes are not only found on city streets. Our range also includes full suspension e-MTBs and e-hardtails. These all provide powered assistance on the ascent and free-wheeling attack on the descent. They are stylish bikes, sleek and designed for hard-wear. Bike makers have cleverly snaked snag-free cables through down-tubes, and stored motorised parts inside a durable chassis.

What size mountain bike do I need?

Our bike frames come in sizes Small through X-Large, so finding the perfect fit for you won’t be a problem.

What size do I need?

All you need to know is your step length, which you can easily measure at home. Then use our guide to sizing for your bicycle (, which will calculate the frame size you need based on the type of bike you’re after.

Women’s mountain bikes are just as tough, just as capable, and just as powerful — but their geometry and basic shapes are tweaked to best suit a woman’s frame. Less broad shoulders over many kilometres may start to feel the tension on a handlebar sized to a man, for example.

Almost all of our preferred brands make their top-selling mountain bikes in women’s size ranges, and you can scout them here (

We recommend that you complement the women's bike frame with an ergonomic saddle. Because MTB saddles have not always favoured a women's pelvis, the newest crop of bike accessories are welcomed for their inclusive design.

Mountain bike accessories

We stock the highest-quality brand name parts, to keep your bicycle working — and looking — its best.

For hardware such as disk brakes accessories, tool sets, and drive changes, check out our catalogue. For safety gear like mountain bike helmets and lights, Bikester has you covered as well.

Mountain bike wheels are an important feature to keep on top of and that's because high wear and tear means these essential pieces of kit can become damaged and your MTB wheels may need replacing.

Our selections of MTB jerseys, shorts, shoes and jackets will help keep your rides comfortable.

Other bikes in our range

We are dedicated cyclists, and we can be found tearing it up in all types of riding situations — not just on mountain and trail rides. Our dirt bikes and BMX selection is noteworthy, and our staff expertise extends to tricks as well as trails.

While the smallest cyclists may not be as fast, they’re no less important to us. For these future trail-blazers, we stock safe, high-quality kids MTBs to fit in with the family fleet.