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E-Road / Gravel Bikes
To some, combining the beautiful simplicity and classic lines of a road bike with the heavy machinery of an e-bike is heresy. However, if you discreetly integrate the motor deep into the bottom bracket, keep the rear end short, throw on disc brakes and wider gravel bike tyres, the e-racing bike becomes an altogether more alluring concept. With its incredible acceleration, the e-racing bike heralds a new era in speed, power and endurance. This being said, the main use of an e-racing bike lies more in high-speed short distances, as riding extremely long distances at the moment is still difficult because of the bikes' somewhat limited battery life.

Electric Road Bikes

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Electric Gravel & Road Bikes

For those of you who enjoy biking, gravel bikes are known for being one of the best all-round bikes out there. However, what's even better about this type of bike is that there are now a number of e-gravel bikes available too.

Orbea Gain D40 Black Red E-Gravel

These bikes have the ability to go across a range of terrains. They have stable frames and the battery-assisted bike makes for an interesting option. Better still, not only can electric gravel bikes be used as an off-roading option, but they are perfect around town as a commuter bike too.

At Bikester, we have a number of different options when it comes to this type of bike. Take a closer look and see what each has to offer.

Taking it off-road

For more serious gravel and off-road bikers out there, there are a number of different e-road bikes that you can take a look at. One top brand is Focus. These Focus electric road bikes offer an e-option for adventurous types enabling you to enjoy those rougher terrains.

With a tyre clearance of up to 35mm, you're given the freedom to ride on a range of surfaces be it tarmac or gravel. To add to this, the frames are designed for long rides too. They use Endurance geometry to ensure you have a comfortable ride and are sitting correctly.

Finding the perfect electric gravel bike

As you search for the perfect e-bike wheels are an important component to consider. e-Gravel bikes come with a range of wheel thicknesses to suit your needs. Opt for thicker tyres if you're planning more off-road exploits. Alternatively, go for something a little thinner if you're planning on some city travel.

You need to be comfortable too. While these bikes do utilise comfort-orientated frame technology, it's important that you actually make sure you buy a bike that fits you. With that in mind, there are both male and female electric gravel bikes available. Measure yourself and choose between three frame sizes running from 44 cm to 52 cm.

Gravel electric bikes also come with a range of different frame weights to choose from. Some are lighter than others, so it is worth taking a look at the different e-bike brands on offer to find one that you can manage. Some of these are as light as 12 kg even including the pedal assist and motor!

Finally, determining how long you need your battery to last is key to the electric gravel bike you choose.

Sleek, stylish designs

What's even better about electric gravel bikes is that they are not clunky to look at. In fact, the way that battery is hidden within the frame, these bikes could almost pass as a standard endurance bike!

Electric bike brakes are also in play here. Top Shimano technology is used, including the hydraulic disc brake that gives an optimum performance no matter the weather. The e-bike pedals are also carefully designed to ensure that your feet aren't going to slip when cycling in various weathers.